Cardboard Planter





Introduction: Cardboard Planter

Hello everyone,
This time I am here with another easy and fun diy :-A Cardboard Roll Planter.
This instructable was made to promote gardening and increase the greenery around us.

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It's true,nothing can stop a green thumb.

This instructable is also good for gifting and it costs less than a dollar!!!

Step 1: Get the Materials

All you need is :-
A Cardboard Roll
White cement or clay.

Yes,that's it!!!! :)

Step 2: Cutting Time

Cut the roll into how many ever pieces or sizes you want.
Just make sure the plant has enough room to grow to a moderate height.

Step 3: Make the Base

Keep the roll upright and pour the white cement mixture into it .Do not pour more than 1/4 of the roll's height.

Let it dry for 1-2 hours and it's ready.

P.S.The white cement mixture is 4 units of white cement powder and two units of water.

Step 4: Add Some Glamour

This is an optional step and can be done if you want it to look good or if you want to gift it to someone.

You can use any type of colour or anything you want to use .

Step 5: Put Some Soil and the Plant

You can use any type of Soil as per your plant or your location.

The plant is also completely to your wish , just make sure it isn't a tree-growing plant or an marine plant.

Step 6: Place It Somewhere

You can place the pot on the window grill , or in your balcony or by your bed!

You can also gift it to someone and they will remember you whenever they water it

Step 7: Breathe Some O2

Enjoy the fruits of your labour (if it's a fruit bearing plant)



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Good instructable. Really Best out of waste :)

Do Vote for it if you like the Instructable:)

Thanks for the feedback.
I kept the design simple so that everyone can build this Instructable without any complications.