Cardboard Plate Gauntlet Lvl 2




Introduction: Cardboard Plate Gauntlet Lvl 2

An upgrade from Lvl 1

Step 1: Materials

Lvl 1 Gauntlets



Brass fasteners

Duct tape

Step 2: Starting the Fingers.

Begin by cutting 10 small pentagons. One for each finger.

Color them.

Poke two holes in each, and place a brass fastener through each hole.

Carefully push each fastener through one layer of the glove, and open them, thus attaching them to the glove.

Don the glove, them wrap a thin strip of tape around the base of each piece, making sure you can still take off the glove.

Step 3: The Cuff.

Cut a piece of cardboard the size you want for your cuff. Roll it up to give it a bending look.

Make small cuts in the end of the cuff, and fold them up.

Tape them up by rolling a piece of tape carefully over them while up.

Poke a hole in each corner of the cuff and push a brass fastener through it.

Attach to the glove in the same way you did the fingers.

Step 4: Adding the String.

Tie a slip knot in one end of the string.

Slip the knot over the other end of the string, and slide it over the cuff.

Open a brass fastener as shown, and close it over the string.

Poke a hole in the middle of the cuff, and push the fastener through it.

This will allow you to tighten the cuff as needed.

Step 5: Finnish

You can continue by adding more finger pieces.

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