Introduction: Cardboard Poleyns (Knee Armor)

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Avoid those pesky arrows with your own Poleyns!

Step 1: Materials


Duct tape

Brass fasteners


Step 2: Starting

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Begin with a circle of cardboard.

Fold it in half.

Fold it in the opposite direction on both sides of the mid fold to create the ridge.

Step 3: Halfway There

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Cut two slits about one third each into the sides of the circle, and fold.

Poke a hole through both layers at the corners where they overlap on each side, and use a brass fastener to secure them together.

Step 4: Straps

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Take a strip of cardboard and set it against the back of the poleyn as shown.

Poke two holes through both the poleyn and the strip, and brass fasten them together.

Step 5: Strings

Picture of Strings

Use string to allow you to put it on.

Use a slip knot at the ends so you can adjust it.

Step 6: Finished!

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Use duct tape to color and you are done!

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