Cardboard Portal Gun


Introduction: Cardboard Portal Gun

About: I enjoy building things with cardboard or wood!

I am new to the website and I just wanted to upload something. This is 100% of my work and I probably will do a full instructable on it later.



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    Could you add pics or text of how you cut it to look like that?

    Absolutely! Here you go. If you need any more help just ask.

    13, 3:02 PM.jpg13, 3:02 PM.jpg13, 3:02 PM.jpg13, 3:02 PM.jpg

    Can you update this by adding more pics and different angles so we can still maybe try to make it ?

    I want to make an instructable about it, but the project is already finished. I'll do an instructable about my next project. I am Always making new geeky things. My next project will be finns sword from adventure time. Really sorry about the late comment and post.

    Looks good, and am looking forward to seeing how you made this.