Cardboard Props: 80's Boom Box Ghetto Blaster

Picture of Cardboard Props: 80's Boom Box Ghetto Blaster
Need a boom box for your Fresh Prince costume? Well you have come to the right place.. In this Instructable I aim to explain how I made mine in a hope that it helps you with yours!

Well, as with all my Instructables thus far, this is for a sketch in this years Chester Gangshow, which is like a variety show put on by members of the Scout association... And I run the Props room... Due to Gangshow having a relatively low budget for props I tend to make a lot of the items out of cardboard and hotmelt glue

If you have any questions let me know! Jay
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Step 1: Ingredients!

Picture of Ingredients!
SO!... What do you need for this one? Aside from the patience and time (as this one will take you a while) you will need:

* Cardboard- For this Instructable I used a pre-constructed box but the regular 3mm card will do too... REMEMBER to recycle
* Knife/ Scissors
* Glue- I use a glue gun, as i think for construction its alot better as it has a very fast drying time, but regular PVA glue or superglue will work just as well, you just need to factor in how long your glue will take to dry etc.
* Ruler
* Split pins/ Paper fasteners
* Pen
* Time: I took about two hours getting this together, it wouldnt have taken me so long if i wasn't writing an instructable hehe

yeehacmh5 years ago
I made one of these once, for a Halloween party. I fit it over my head and held it with one hand all the time. When people looked to see who's head was on the other side.. they laughed when there was none.. I was going to put a small cassette player in it for extra effect...didn't get around to that.
Biggsy (author)  yeehacmh5 years ago
hehehe thats an AWESOME idea <grin>
yeehacmh Biggsy5 years ago
 I like to make birthday fall on Halloween so I party hearty..
BTW, I put another pic of someone else who likes pancake day here..
 I have some ideas for your scouts.. This one is for Beanie Babies.
And one for another Beanie costume here..
 This could be a great gift project for the group.. cheap and easy..
Please check out my latest ible and vote for me...
Thanks for being a friend

this ible was posted literally minutes after my mom went to an 80's theme party! just a few minutes late!!!
Biggsy (author)  Zaphod Beeblebrox5 years ago
Oh dear! hehe... I knew i should have psoted it sooner, It has been sat in my room waiting to be painted for about a week... Wanted to put up a complete instructable instead of something that was a little bit pants....

Ah well next party you'll know how to make one :)
haha    :-)