So, I have been making props for this years Gangshow ( a show put on my Scouts) ... and usually bits that i can't find I make. This year i have been asked to make two prop cell phones for a few acts... So... since i think this may proove usefull to perhaps a funky 80's costume... Here is my first instructable... be gentle ;)

Step 1: Ingredients!

Right... what you shall need:

* LARGE ammount of imagination and patience (in equal quantites)
* About 30minutes
* Cardboard ( i used 3mm card from a box i got from the supermarket)
* Ruler (If you are using a knife, PLEASE watch the tips of your fingers)
* Knife/Scissors ( i prefer to use a knife... but safety first kids!)
* Glue ( I used a glue gun but bog standard PVA or supergule will do)
* Pen/Pencil

(optional extras)
Webbing for the stap of the battery box
BBQ stick (for antenae)
Wire from an old telephone

You had some time on your hands!<br />
hehehe yes a little bit... Its a prop for the 2010 Chester Gangshow in Febuary...&nbsp; I either make or aquire the props for the show. With not knowing ANYONE&nbsp;with a battery pack 80's cellphone i decided to make one...<br /> <br /> they are currently being painted now.... I had to make two... one with a battery pack... and the other as a mobile phone with a dial ring, like on the old landline phones from the 60's same principle... just different outcome<br /> <br /> I'll update the instructable once i have the finished product...&nbsp; :D<br />

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Bio: I'm an un-repentant mess creator... I'll turn my hand to anything and providing i get my fingers back... I'm happy.
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