Picture of Cardboard Props: 80's cell phone
So, I have been making props for this years Gangshow ( a show put on my Scouts) ... and usually bits that i can't find I make. This year i have been asked to make two prop cell phones for a few acts... So... since i think this may proove usefull to perhaps a funky 80's costume... Here is my first instructable... be gentle ;)

Step 1: Ingredients!

Right... what you shall need:

* LARGE ammount of imagination and patience (in equal quantites)
* About 30minutes
* Cardboard ( i used 3mm card from a box i got from the supermarket)
* Ruler (If you are using a knife, PLEASE watch the tips of your fingers)
* Knife/Scissors ( i prefer to use a knife... but safety first kids!)
* Glue ( I used a glue gun but bog standard PVA or supergule will do)
* Pen/Pencil

(optional extras)
Webbing for the stap of the battery box
BBQ stick (for antenae)
Wire from an old telephone

You had some time on your hands!
Biggsy (author)  Marble of Doom5 years ago
hehehe yes a little bit... Its a prop for the 2010 Chester Gangshow in Febuary...  I either make or aquire the props for the show. With not knowing ANYONE with a battery pack 80's cellphone i decided to make one...

they are currently being painted now.... I had to make two... one with a battery pack... and the other as a mobile phone with a dial ring, like on the old landline phones from the 60's same principle... just different outcome

I'll update the instructable once i have the finished product...  :D