Okay, so on my props list I saw that I had to make a magic book for one of the sketches, I was considering just buying an old worn book and modding it, like in that FANTASTIC Harry Potter book mod... But then I realized I had ALREADY made a book some years ago... and it must be in my black hole of a bedroom... Luckily I hadn't chucked it out... and what luck it was in perfectly usable condition, it just needed a lick of paint!

This prop is great for LARP or for school plays

Since I constructed this book maybe about 4 years ago now, I was a little... stuck, as I knew it would make a GREAT Instructable.. But I had no pictures of how I put it together.... so if you can suffer my diagrams done in paint, I think we should get along great!

Let me know if you have any problems


NB: I think the original idea for the book came from watching Artattack, or SmArt or something when i was a kid So, thanks to Tony Heart or Neil Buchannan whichever gave me the idea when i was like 9 ;)

Step 1: Ingredients!

So, as I cast my mind back i shall attempt to give you a list of what you will need

* Cardboard- anything froma  cerial box to a cardboard crate will work!
* Knife/ Scissors
* Glue- Pva all the way for this one! You'll need loads of it later when you papier mache it
* Unused (hehe) Toilet roll
* Newspaper
* Paints
* Ruler
* Pen/Pencil
* Time: This one hopefully shouldn't take you over 4 years, but it is abit f a time consuming one!

~*~ NB: Key

Red line on diagram = Fold / Score line

Green dotted Line= Cut out line ~*~

HI!<br /> nice tutorial, i'm going to use this to bind my book!<br /> can it be done with cardboard and paint and some glue?<br /> <br /> //Rickythemaniac
Hiya Ricky, Yeah you can do it with just carboard and such, but if you use corrougated (sp?) card you are likelly going to get some unsigtly rough edges. I would suggest perhaps gluing paper over all the edges so that when you come to paint your cardboard book, that it will look like a bound book and not a cardboard book... If you look at some of my other instuctabled that i have made from Card, you can see the edges look rough and unfinished... a way to get round it is using a glue gun to create a smooth edge to all corners etc..<br /> <br /> It's upto you, The papier mache works really well as it gives a faux fabric look <br /> <br /> let me know how it gets on<br />

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