Step 5: Lens

If unlike me you do not have a small plastic disk that you can use for a lens you have two options, you can just leave it out as it's not REALLY going to be missed or you can make your own, to do so see below

All i did was drew around a circular shape onto a flat plastic surface like that of a plastic tub, and cut out the shape using a sharp knife (or pair of scissors depending on your preference)
<p>this was great place to start. This page was basically my starting template to make my three vintage press cameras. I used three actual gift boxes (from container store) and shiny silver electrical tape for the embellishments. What was reallybfun, though, isnthat i constructed a cardboard iphone holder that positions the phone flash in the &quot;eye&quot; of the flash ... I downloadd an app that had a strobe feature. So camera now has a bright intermittent strobing flash when activated. And i used some thimble shaped corks and small wooden cubes that I painted silver for buttons. Very fun prop! </p>
Wow that looks really good welldone, glad i could help. I always love seeing what my ibles have created :)
i was wondering is it possable to make something like this work as a camera
you could probably make a pin hole camera out of it... all it is is a cardboard case that you cold use as a housing for any camera inserts... i would recommend painting the inside of the box black to stop light pollution... and i would make sure the edges were sealed properly.... but i suppose so?
Awesome! What kind of show did you use it for?
Just a Scout Gang show

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