Cardboard Props: How to make a prop iPhone or iPad

Picture of Cardboard Props: How to make a prop iPhone or iPad
I make props for my Scout districts annual Gang Show, and this year I was asked to provide a prop iPhone, I thought oh hell, how do I make an iPhone? Then one day wondering through Tesco I noticed one of those rubber shock absorbing sleeves for iPhones, It contained a cardboard image of an iPhone.... and then it hit me... I could just do the same

So here it is, Biggsy's prop iPhone!
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
So what are you going to need?
  • Cardboard
  • Cutting implement (Knife or scissors which ever your more comfortable with)
  • If you use a knife, you'll need a cutting mat
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Glue & paint brush for application
  • Tissue paper
  • Black paint or a Black marker
  • Colour printer
  • Access to something like Google images
  • Sticky back plastic

Step 2: IMage ?

Picture of iMage ?
What you need to do here is acquire from somewhere an image of an iPhone that is true size. You could cut it out of a magazine or download it off a website such as Google images. ~If needed re-size the image using whatever software you have on your PC, and print it out in COLOUR

Step 3: Cut n'Trim sir?

Picture of Cut n'Trim sir?
What you need do here, is roughly cut round the outline of your i Phone image, place this rough cut on top of a piece of cardboard, and with your craft knife (or scissors) cut out the card and the image to size (if your not very accurate with a blade or scissors i suggest cutting out your image properly, then tracing round it onto your cardboard.

Step 4: Papier Mache

Picture of Papier Mache
Now I have found in the past that I waste a lot of paint trying to back fill the seams of the corrugated cardboard, so this year I have decided to just put a few layers of papier mache tissue around any of the rough edges. I use 2 parts glue to one part water, then layer one or two thin strips of tissue paper over  the edges. I don't bother using news paper as if i'm going to paint something I find that the ink sometimes shows through.
Dernavern1 year ago
Hey why isn't my touchscreen working? Why does my phone seem...papery?
So awesome
Biggsy (author)  cheddarevan1 year ago
I got lucky really, thankfully on stage it looked real enough. Y'know what gave me the idea? I was looking at iphone cases and saw theyhad a peice f card in that looked like an iphone screen :-)
ChrysN4 years ago
Nice prop!
Biggsy (author)  ChrysN4 years ago
Thanks Chrys
Dr. Pepper4 years ago
cool! nice instructable!
Biggsy (author)  Dr. Pepper4 years ago
lol thanks matey :)