Step 4: Papier Mache

Now I have found in the past that I waste a lot of paint trying to back fill the seams of the corrugated cardboard, so this year I have decided to just put a few layers of papier mache tissue around any of the rough edges. I use 2 parts glue to one part water, then layer one or two thin strips of tissue paper over  the edges. I don't bother using news paper as if i'm going to paint something I find that the ink sometimes shows through.
Hey why isn't my touchscreen working? Why does my phone seem...papery?
So awesome
I got lucky really, thankfully on stage it looked real enough. Y'know what gave me the idea? I was looking at iphone cases and saw theyhad a peice f card in that looked like an iphone screen :-)
Nice prop!
Thanks Chrys
cool! nice instructable!
lol thanks matey :)<br>

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