Step 5: 2d. Almost Done...

You need to make two of these half hexagon shapes... It was at this point that i also decided to round the edges, by squeezing the triangles we glued in the last step (see picture 2)... if you look at picture 1, the half hexagon on the left hasn't got rounded edges, but the one on the right has.
<p>this nice and easy and also good-looking!love it!</p>
<p>Followed the first few steps, then improvised. Still a work in progress. What do you think? </p>
Looking fab so far! Let me see what it looks like when you hsve finished :)
This is so awesome you are a genius!!!
That's an awesome cardboard reproduction. I bet you look super strong flinging that thing around all Thor-like.
Thanks, it was used in a panto style section in last years show... it's either stil sat in props store... or was burned last week on scout camp in prep for more props to be made this year <br> <br>Oh well such is life :)

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