Picture of Cardboard Race Car
I have wanted to do this for a few weeks now, except on a much more massive scale... My goal is to someday make a full scale cardboard moving tank so that I can ride my way across campus safe from the denizens of the blizzardous winters in this state, safe from death...

As it is, this entire race car is made out of cardboard, gorilla glue, and wood (wheels and dowels only).
Pretty much a bamf race car. videos at the end!

Unfortunately for the car, and for everyone else since they can't see it, the car was run over by a truck at the bottom of a hill we raced it down... so we no longer have the race car... My only regret is that we stopped the video too soon.
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Step 1: Choosing your Size

Picture of Choosing your Size
We roughly picked the dimensions to be 4 feet long and 2 feet wide (no actual measuring was done for dimensions). 
Cut out a large sheet of cardboard of this size, we will glue everything onto this board (double-corrugated cardboard is the best!!!)

We next sketched a rough estimate of what the car was to look like-
 back box
 sitting box

yep, real professional vocab here :)

The next steps will show you how to make these...

Step 2: Building the back box

Picture of Building the back box
the back box as I call it is the piece that the wings sit on and that goes at the rear of the vehicle. (Pictures will help, its the thing that in the end is red)

Start with a large sheet of cardboard (double-corrugated is best)

Follow the folding patterns shown in the first picture of this step, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Only cut the very outermost black lines. The rest of the black lines are fold lines (fold at them)

The flaps along the sides of this....erm...shape.... should be glued in such a way that you end up with a box like object that can be glued down onto the floor of the car. (step 1)