Picture of Cardboard Radio Controlled Dalek
"Doctor Whoo oo, HEY,  Doctor Who,  Doctor Whoo oo, HEY,  The T.A.R.D.I.S". Who remembers that little gem of a song (or not as the case may be ;-) from 1988 by The Timelords (AKA The KLF). Anyway that was NOT the inspiration I got for starting this project, but photos of homemade Daleks I have seen on the net, projects people have made on Instructables, especially the ones made by craftycounterpart and by Sci_Fi_Steve which are very cool, and of course Doctor Who's 50th anniversary certainly were.

Here I will show you how I made my scratch built Dalek using items I rescued from our recycling bin, a broken but functional radio controlled tank, and other bits and peaces I had laying around crying out to be used. I hope this Instructable will give you some inspiration to make your own Dalek, as I think we need more of these poor misunderstood creatures roaming around our own little planet (even though they are hell bent on controlling the universe).

Here is a list of materials I used.

A radio controlled tank, broken but still functional
Corrugated cardboard
Sheets of scrap A4 size paper
Thin Cardboard (from a cereal box or similar)
PVC carpet underlay foam sheet, 12mm thick
A plastic lid from a gravy jar
3 flat top plastic lids from deodorant cans
1 rounded plastic lid from a shaving foam can
4 dried out thick marker pens
Some length of thin steel wire
Electrical wire
2 red LED bulbs
1 green LED bulb
2 round ended plastic tubes
1 Christmas tree ball ball decoration
A WiFi web cam
A Bluetooth speaker
Bag of small modeling tacks (tiny nails)
1 kiddy size football
7 8cm long screws
A 9 volt battery snap connector
A strip of 10 Blue battery powered LED's

Items I had to buy.

Bag of 50 polystyrene balls, 3cm diameter (about £3 / $5 inc shipping)
1 can of grey spray primer 500ml (about £4 / $6.50 i/s)
1 can of gloss black spray paint 500ml (£6 / $9.80 i/s)
1 can of gold spray paint 500ml (£6 / $9.80 i/s)

Tools and adhesives.

Phillips screwdriver
Set of small electrical use screwdrivers
Craft knife with new blades
Wire cutters
Soldering iron
Insulating/electrical tape
Aluminum tape
Duct tape
Super glue
1 tube of Grab adhesive and applicator (No more nails/ Gripfill or similar)
Black permanent marker
Pen or pencil
Very fine sanding paper

So on with the build. Lets begin with the base.
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ccboy811 months ago
cool doctor who i ♡ that show

I love Doctor Who! I don't think I'd be able to make this, but it looks awesome!

neetz1 year ago

cool dalek!! I am going to try this!

Dude...what an awesome Dalek! You got my vote...great instructable and love the RC element! Oh...and thanks for the shout out on my humble little Dalek ornament :)

Thanks for the kind words crafty. Glad you liked it. And your welcome for the shout out. It sprang to mind when I saw your Dalek ornament that you could make a drafts or chess set using the different Dalek ranks. Anyway, thanks again buddy.