Cardboard Rifle With Camo Paint





Introduction: Cardboard Rifle With Camo Paint

About: I like taking stuff apart

Rifle I made when I was bored using stuff found in my apartment. I used cardboard for almost  everything. The stock, butt, reciever, forearm, magazine, and pistol grip are made from cardboard. I straightened wire hangers and duct taped them  in between layers of cardboard to add stability.  The scope was made from pill bottles and bottle caps. the trigger guard is also wire hanger, the trigger is a peice of plastic I found and cut. The barrel is a broomstick from a broken broom.

It's all held together by crazy glue and duct tape.

The painting was the fun part. I used brown, black and green spray paint - that was all I had on hand anyway. I only have pictures of the brown paint, I left the paint cans on my fire escape after I painted and the other cans rolled off  overnight. I pulled some leaves from trees to help with the camo painting.



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    here's my one :P

    that looks really realistic especially the scope nice job!

    Hey! How do you mount the scope with it ?

    looks really good, so does your paracord sling.
    my gun is cardboard, yours fires real bullets

    So it doesn't work, it's just a model??? i know someone who would love this!!! Nice job man!

    5 replies

    nope doesnt work just a model, thanks. let me know if you have questions

    Well, its realistic enough to get you shot if you point it at a cop. Then again, a broom handle would work, too.

    I wouldn't even think to take it anywhere outside except my backyard, not worth getting shot for

    That's a good thing. You get my vote and 5 stars for your common sense.

    please leave comments or questions