Picture of Cardboard Riot Shield
First off, I need to give credit to my little brother for coming up with the idea to make a riot shield.. although I'm not actually quite sure why he wants one.. but anywho. This riot shield is good for airsoft battles, occupying, hiding behind, halloween, food fights, mud fights, snowball fights.. well I guess you get the idea! 
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Mom's Camera  January 1 241.JPG
Supplies will vary but here is about what you'll need.

-Large cardboard box. You decide what size works best for you. It should pretty much cover the upper 3/5 of your body. 
-Duct Tape 
-Strong Scissors (Seriously! I broke 2 pairs of scissors doing this project!) 
-Soda Bottle or some other type of plastic to cover the eye hole
-Thin strips of lumber ( I used door and window trim, about 3 in by 1/2 in) 

Step 2:

Picture of
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This part is slightly hard to explain, but you're going want to turn your box into a rectangle.
Cut off the flaps (if your box has them) and cut right down the folds.

The picture shows is better than I can explain it. 

Step 3: Rectangle to 'Oval'

Picture of Rectangle to 'Oval'
Mom's Camera  January 1 224.JPG
Now using a pencil, draw a curved line on the corner (See Picture). You're pretty much turning your neat rectangle into a oval with straight sides. 
Now start again, making another rectangle from the opposite side of the box. Then put your 'oval' on top of it and trace around it. 
Cut that oval out. You should now have two ovalish shapes. 

Note: The oval shape is somewhat optional. If you want it any other shape just trace out the shape on the other piece of card board. 
kwaguespack2 years ago
Certain larp groups use a stiff foam board for shields, I've seen it stop an air soft at 20 feet. It gets some penetration but won't pass clean through.
Pretty neat shield! 4.5*
shadowfeet (author)  dr. richtofen3 years ago
Thanks! :)
No problem =-D
konyrex3 years ago
you shouldn't make it out of cardboard, my pistol will go through that.

shadowfeet (author)  konyrex3 years ago
If you wanted you could reinforce it with duct tape.