Picture of Cardboard Room Divider
Hello everyone!
This is my first instructable, and I would like to share it with you.
I tried to make something original and easy to make.
This project needs no special skills and costs nothing.
You can easily make this divider and decorate your room.
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Step 1: What Do I need?

Picture of What Do I need?
- Pencil
- Utility knife
- Ruler
- Cardboard (4mm, 7mm)

Step 2: Transfer Design

Picture of Transfer Design
Make  templates out of paper.
Trace onto the cardboard using a pencil. 

Step 3: Cut outs

Picture of Cut outs
Cut out all the cardboard pieces.
For Parts A,B,C,D use 4mm cardboard, for Part E use 7mm cardboard.

Note:  We need     
A - 16
B- 80
C- 70
D - 64
E - 5 parts 

Step 4: Connecting

Picture of Connecting
Start to connect the pieces together.

Just look at the images.

Step 5: Keep connecting

Picture of Keep connecting
Continue connecting other parts in such manner.

Step 6: Finishing!

Picture of Finishing!
Connect Part E as shown below.

We need to split Part A into 2 parts.
Then connect it between parts B.

Connect all the pieces together to finish the room divider.

And finally the finished room divider!
ornarvaezjr10 months ago

Fantastic!!! My youngest is moving out he is thinking about making this divider.

jmitrovic3 years ago
I was looking for something like this for a very long time and i couldn`t find the right solution, this is amazing, I think I might try making something like this!!!
Lindie3 years ago
Very cool!
sidqstudio3 years ago
right now I do some design project and being 'no idea at all', but after i see ! it's really inspired me man, thaks !
craftyv3 years ago
This is amazing. I love it. Well done.
maxm28203 years ago
Well, I just found a use for all of my moving boxes....once Im done using them of course!!!! This is awesome!!!!
minmav73 years ago
I love this. I think I may attempt making this.
malialtin3 years ago
What are the overall dimensions of the finished piece shown?
uchukeyeva (author)  WildHeavenFarm3 years ago
145 cm x 145 cm
gserrano7013 years ago
Great, expandable, you can use any flat, semirigid material, work any angles and shapes, and so on. Congratulations.
heffie3 years ago
i have an ikea box sitting around. i think i found its destiny!:)
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Wow! Really well done! I'd love to see this made out of re-purposed printed cardboard, like from cereal boxes or something!
... or old electioneering and house-sale signs.
ilpug Kiteman3 years ago
something like the recycled road sign fence maybe?
l8nite3 years ago
it really is cool looking and I think Kiteman has something there... hhhmmm
i love this. <3
canida3 years ago
Wow, that looks gorgeous! A bit of spraypaint and it could match most any decor.
dataphool3 years ago
awesome use of an almost garbage product.