This costume started as a school project in my technology class, it started as a halloween costume that was supposed to be completely constructed out of cardboard while also being marine themed since our school is by the ocean. It is meant to be simple and able to fit  the average middle school child.

I designed and developed a full cardboard shark costume meant for middle school trick or treaters on Halloween. It is fully made of cardboard and slotted construction.

Specifications: ergnonmic for user, able to freely move arms, no or little purchased items and fully assembled using slotted construction.
Limits: Fully made of cardbaord and no restraints/ adhesives.

Step 1: What You'll Need

All the materials and tools needed for this project are listed below, most of which are house hold items.
-cutting mat (T1)
-utility knife (T2)
-metal ruler (T3)
-pencil (T4)
-circle template/compass (T5)

- 2 pieces of cardboard, each 46 by 47.5 in. (S1)
-cardboard 14.25 by 9.5 in. (S2)
-cardboard 14.25 by 14.25 in. (S3)
-cardbaord 21 by 28.5 in. (S4)

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