Cardboard Shield





Introduction: Cardboard Shield

this instructables will teach you how to make a cardboard shield. this is my first instructables so it might not be great.

Step 1: Things You Need

things you will need.


-markers, colored pencils, construction paper, or crayons


-pencil works best

Step 2: Draw the Outline

draw the outline of the shield. be creative. do anything you want. Then cut it out.

Step 3: Color It In!

color this in however you want, you can do construction paper also!

Step 4: And Your Done!

do whatever you want to make them better.



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    awesome dude not too complex and not too cheap looking keep it up dude

     at the moment i am making a airsoft fort out of larg amounts of cardboard 

    These would make great decorations for a medieval party.

    you should try and make a way to make then sturdier. perhaps doubling up the cardboard with glue so it could take a few hits, make it bigger so it covers 1/2 your body (or does it), so its easier to block things. Perhaps add a handle, mabee metal. You could put metal sheeting on the front or mabee titanium sheeting. and perhaps impregnate the cardboard with a nylon/kevlar hybrid. Put a small hole in it so you can shoot from behind it... and cover it in razor blades.

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    those are some crazy ideas some almost impossible like TITANIUM SHEATING ya but metal might just work.

    what on earth is an air soft shield

    there is way to hold it just tape a small strip of cardboard to the back my blue shield has it.

    You should add a way to hold it.

    Shields can be a great activity if you get the kids to try and make the shields match their name and their life. For instance, my surname translates into modern English as "wide river crossing" (it was a place-name). This gives me a natural way to divide a plain shield with an X made of a blue river on one angle, and a grey road on the other. This then gieves me spaces to put my interests in life - Instructables and scouting, including my cub-name of Mang ("the bat that brings the night"). I knocked this up in Paint:


    first comment!!! not the greatest thing ever, but creative