Picture of Cardboard Shoe Rack

STUDENT LIFE! The time when you probably will love to cut costs at all cost, the time when things seem to be more expensive back home...the time when cardboard furniture is the best to serve as a short term useful piece of furniture! You can probably forget about going to Ikea for cheap furnishing...especially if it is a shoe rack that you require!
I will show you the joys of cardboard furniture starting with my (one and only) creation - the cardboard shoe rack.

In the case that you want to have a better looking cardboard shoe rack than can paint it or patch it up nicely...since I don't have much decorative materials, I just left mine as it is.

Before we start, I apologise for the bad quality photos due to my camera's sudden death, I can only use my phone camera with snail's pace shutter speed to take photos for this instrucatble.

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Step 1: Gathering Materials

Picture of Gathering Materials

It is quite simple really...or is it?! You need a cardboard box that is in good shape (i.e. not battered) and that has the following 'dimensions':
- Height just taller than your normal shoes.
- Width however many shoes you want (hence 'n shoes' in picture)
- Length approximately 2 shoes (this is for double decker...if you want to make a triple decker, you'll need approximately 3 shoes...quadruble decker 4 shoes, etc...but this is just a crude little shoe rack to put your everyday shoes on, not quite the display cabinet...though if someone made it into a display cabinet, I would be very happy and plesed :D

You will also need some cutting tools and a bit of strong tape. For this job, I recommend crafting knife instead of scissors as crafting knife is easier to handle when cutting boxes than scissors; while tape is something like masking tape or duck tape.

lemonie5 years ago
It looks like a good & easy build, but could you photograph it in better light?

SeaLion (author)  lemonie5 years ago
Sorry about the really bad photograph...this is the best I can do so far with my phone camera...once I get a working camera, I'll take new ones that are definitely in better light and of better quality.
lemonie SeaLion5 years ago
Maybe just outside in daylight? I like the quick & easy use of boxes.

SeaLion (author)  lemonie5 years ago
Would love to...but it's raining outside...><
lemonie SeaLion5 years ago
Yes it's unpleasant outside over here too.