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Introduction: Cardboard Shoes

Got a job interview? Going for the job because you need shoes? Need shoes for the interview ?

If you answered yes to the above questions then you're in a sticky situation!

Luckily for you I'm here to help.

 With this Instructable I'll show you how to make designer class shoes from cardboard and tape!

Step One- See picture 3: Draw roughly around both of your feet and cut it out

Step Two- See picture 4: Measure from where your leg connects to your foot on one side to the same spot on the other side

Step Three- See picture 5 : This will be the ankle piece of your shoe, cut a rectangle with the above measurement as one side and nine or ten centimetres as the other

Step Four- See picture 6: Stick this onto the foot pieces. Tape or glue or used chewing gum will do.

Step Five- See picture 7: Draw around both of your feet from the point that the leg meets the foot to the tip of your toes then cut these out. You will need two for each foot. Stick them onto the sides ( As shown in picture 8)

Step Six- Not pictured: Cut a small piece of cardboard for the tip of the foot and then flip the shoe upside down and draw round the missing top piece on a sheet of cardboard then cut it out and tape it on top.

Step Seven- See pictures 9 and 10: Masking tape the whole thing and put a pattern on it. I did a two stripe pattern on the tops

Step Eight- See pictures 1and 2: Go out and look cool, if you want to look extra awesome wear shorts and sunglasses at night like me.

Flaws with my design:
It is virtually impossible to walk in these
They are large and look like  blocks of wood on your feet
Rain does not agree with them

But other than that these are the best shoes you could ever own!

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I'd so wear those at school XD maybe with a card board hat too! (:

Ha ha! Awesome shoes!!!!!!! :D

Wow, awesome shoes. My friend would totally go out wearing them! I would wear them at home.

Thanks! I wore them out once purely to see the reaction, people weren't awfully enthusiastic but oh well.

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can u even advertise freely on this site!!

I'm not sure if you're being serious but if so that was said in a humorous way.

im being serious
most people pay to advertise on these sites

I'm losing the will to live here, It was a joke I have never nor do I now own a shoe shop