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Introduction: Cardboard Skull

I made a skull completly out of cardboard (just use cardboard boxes) and hot glue. If you want you can attach clay or something to it so it looks even more like a real human skull. I didn't make it, because I think it looks better like this.

Step 1: Construction

First I used 123D make from autodesk to design it. It's pretty easy to make but you can download it from here:

Step 2: Cut Out the Pieces

I printed the shapes out on paper and fixed them to cardboard.
Next I cut with a box cutter all layers out.

If you have a laser cutter it's much easier and not so time consuming.

Step 3: Glue It

Now you only have to glue the shapes together. Just use the instruction of the 123D make program. I glued it with hot glue but if you want you can use other glues, too.

Step 4: Enjoy

Now the only thing you have to do is enjoy the finshed skull or like I said in the beginning use clay for more detail and paint it if you want.

Thanks for reading this and have fun with making your cardbourd skull.

PS: Sorry for my english it's not the best.



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    123D make is now closed unfortunately. Any idea where I could find an alternative place to find the file? Eager to try this. Looks great!

    thanks I uploaded the pdf-file so you could download it there are dots in the shape so you can put them over each other precisely.

    Amazing job and thanks for the very quick response! :)

    First : great job

    Second : some links are missing in your instructable (as 123d make in your step 1)

    Third : You should have put the pdf you come with to this result

    By doing so, your instructable would be top ! :)


    Seems like I have forgotten the link have put it in now.

    I don't knowew what you mean with the third point

    He probably mean that you should have made a template in PDF form and share it on here, to make it easier for those of us who wants to recreate your project.

    It would be awesome if you vote for this project.

    A big thank you to everybody who does.