Picture of Cardboard Snowflake

I had a few hours to play around so I drew a design on Corel x4 and built the snowflakes out of supplies I already had.

Cutter (Laser Engraver / Utility knife / scissors / razor blades / etc.)
Krylon Spraypaint (white or primer and colors of your choice)
Cardboard sheets  (0.108 inch)
Painter spray sheild (can be found at the local paint/hardware store)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Sandpaper  (220 grit or higher)

Step 1: Transfer Design

Picture of Transfer Design

Make a template out of paper (copy paper). 
Trace onto the cardbroad using a pencil.

icekid3 years ago
Genius! Simple and great! This should be featured.
amerari4 years ago
hunnybaby4 years ago
Is that ever neat! Awesome job!
timmy014 years ago
...... Me like-e.....
hack818 (author)  timmy014 years ago
I do like how the out come was
nice an simple
Kiteman4 years ago
That looks really professional.

hack818 (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Thanks Kiteman .it took a lilbit to make it look really clean