I had a few hours to play around so I drew a design on Corel x4 and built the snowflakes out of supplies I already had.

Cutter (Laser Engraver / Utility knife / scissors / razor blades / etc.)
Krylon Spraypaint (white or primer and colors of your choice)
Cardboard sheets  (0.108 inch)
Painter spray sheild (can be found at the local paint/hardware store)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Sandpaper  (220 grit or higher)

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Step 2: Cut Outs and Dry Fit

Cut out all of the cardboard pieces (I used the Epilog Mini Legend Laser Engraver).
Do a dry assembly to ensure fit.
If needed, use sandpaper to clean/smooth the edges.

Step 3: Painting the Snowflakes

Lay out all cardboard pieces (in a well ventilated area).
Spray a white/primer undercoat using Krylon.

***To avoid having the smaller cardboard pieces from blowing around when applying the spraypaint use any extra cardboard to create an "X-Frame" to hold the smaller pieces in place.

Spray Krylon colors of your choice (the cardboard will take about 4-5 coats of paint  for good coverage).
Let dry before handling (this will take a few hours).

icekid3 years ago
Genius! Simple and great! This should be featured.
amerari3 years ago
hunnybaby4 years ago
Is that ever neat! Awesome job!
timmy014 years ago
...... Me like-e.....
hack818 (author)  timmy014 years ago
I do like how the out come was
nice an simple
Kiteman4 years ago
That looks really professional.

hack818 (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Thanks Kiteman .it took a lilbit to make it look really clean