Cardboard Sphinx of Hatshepsut - 123D Make [hand-cut]

Picture of Cardboard Sphinx of Hatshepsut - 123D Make [hand-cut]
This was my first time using a cool software called 123D Make. I wanted to get the hang of the various options and see how easy it would be to make a fairly curvy model without a laser cutter or cardboard cutter. As it turns out, that's rather difficult, or at least tedious.

A word of caution: Halfway through the cutting process, I found myself openly objectifying cardboard. "Oh, that's a beautiful piece..." "That crease simply won't do." I also experienced cramping of the hand muscles. If you choose to hand-cut the cardboard, I STRONGLY recommend selecting a project with few pieces and no fine details.
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Step 1: Find a suitable .stl or .obj model

Picture of Find a suitable .stl or .obj model
Because I wanted to focus on learning how to use 123D Make, I chose to download a 3D model from Thingiverse, rather than make my own, to expedite the prototyping process. For my next foray into 123D Make, I plan to make my own model.

This Sphinx of Hatshepsut was modeled by beekeeper on Thingiverse. Interestingly, this model was created using another 123D product, 123D Catch. The modeler took somewhere between thirty and seventy photos of the 15,000-pound granite sphinx at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and used the software to stitch the photos together into a three-dimensional model.

123D Make will accept any .stl or .obj file (found all over model repositories such as Thingiverse and GrabCAD), which describe the surface geometry of a three-dimensional model.
tiaan253 months ago

i am disappionted : where is the template for the different layers for this sculpture , please ?

ivver tiaan253 months ago
tiaan25 ivver3 months ago

that is very kind of you , but it does not open in 123make . Are there places where i can get the templates just as jpeg's or so , please .thanks in advance .

tiaan25 tiaan253 months ago

hi, good news , i managed to open it anyway .I had to download that programm WinZip , and i got a lot of virus warnings on my pc because of it . But it seem to work .So : thanks very much !! Do you have other such sculpture scans and templates, please ?

ivver tiaan253 months ago

You're welcome, and I'm glad that it helped. I don't know why your antivirus get alerted, in file are just pictures , and whole file is compressed, that's why you needed WinZip.

For now that's the only one which I have , it was just test to see if I can do it, you can search for program called: Netfabb, in that software you can cut .stl model very easy.

tkrader1 year ago
I wasn't aware about email so I took my first comment off thank you. If was able to do the program wouldn't I need a sphinx to take pics of to get it on the comp. I don't have a sphinx and won't have enough time to be able to find one to scan. Or am I concussed on what your instructions said? I'm so sorry and I really appreciate all your help.
bstrachota (author)  tkrader1 year ago
First of all, please don't apologize! The Instructables community exists to offer support, answer questions, share information...

The sphinx model was downloaded from Thingiverse here:

As far as 123D Make not working -- have you tried a different browser? Or the desktop version? If you can't get that to work (I would encourage you to do so, since that's the fun part!), I'd be happy to attach the slice file to the Instructable. Just let me know if you need a certain size (final product size). :)
ivver bstrachota3 months ago
Granny Inman4 months ago

Would you be able to email the pattern for this??? Thanks you so much!

ivver3 months ago

For everyone who want layers for DIY project, here are layers 0.4mm thick each, format is jpg, so you can print and glue it on cardboard with no problem :)

hi Can you please send me the pattern you made via email. i have to make this for a history project and i am having a hard. thank you so much please send the pattern to

Hello, I wonder if you would be able to send me the pattern you made? My little boy would like to make a sphinx for his buildings project and this looks perfect!

bstrachota (author)  yorskshiretea1 year ago

Hi there! Are you able to use 123D Make?

The original model I used is on step 1 and the following steps work through how to produce the file. If this little boy is little, I would recommend reducing the size and number of slices. This was veeeeery tedious to do by hand, but at a smaller size, could be a fun project!

tkrader1 year ago
I have been trying but I can't get the program to run. I downloaded google chrome & google chrome frame and it still wouldn't work.
tkrader1 year ago
(removed by author or community request)
bstrachota (author)  tkrader1 year ago
No access to 123D Make? Have you tried just using the browser version at You click "Launch 123D Make online" and follow the Instructable from there.

If that still doesn't work, I'd be happy to set up those files and post them as attachments on this Instructable. Keep in mind, however, that the cutting by hand and assembly took A LOT of patience and A LOT of time. Let me know if you still want the template and if you want it at this size.

PS: I'm not sure how familiar you are with Internet crawler guys, but I'd urge you to be careful posting your email address without modification on forums like this. Spam [or worse] galore! Even just typing lsugirl0503 [at] yahoo [dot] come is enough to confuse them. :)