Learn how to weave your own square basket - all out of cardboard!

Easy to make in only ten minutes or less!

It may look like this basket has a lot of steps but they are only for clarity.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

What You'll Need
5 x 14 inch piece of thin cardboard
Paper cutter
A clean surface
I did this but changed the dimensions a little and spray painted mine white. (: Thank you for the instructable!
In the intro, you said the cardboard needs to be 5 x 14 inches, but in step three it says 5 x 11 inches. Please clarify.
The original piece of cardboard is 5'' x 14'', but you only need to use 5'' x 11'' of it. Sorry for the confusion.<br />
Thanks to everyone that's voted for my Instructable in the Gorilla Glue Cardboard Contest!
I made a basket like this one once.
Cool, that's a nice sturdy basket!

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