In this Instructable, I'll step through how to make a 7' tall statue of liberty bust out of cardboard using Autodesk's 123D Make. The inspiration for this project was the last scene from *SPOILER ALERT*  Planet of the Apes.

Software used:
Autodesk 123D Make: http://www.123dapp.com/make
Autodesk 3ds Max (alternately you can use a free software like meshmixer)

p.s. I built it at TechShop!

Step 1: Secure a 3D Model

You can find 3D models online on various websites like turbosquid.com

You can also 3D scan a souvenir statue. 
<p>This is fantastic. We just started playing around with slice cutting on the scroll saw using 123D Make. It is a ton of fun, but this is just ridiculous. Thanks for making me set goals and stuff. Haha</p>
<p>i love all the design</p>
Where are the shots from the playa?
i think is from the movie &quot;Planet of the Apes&quot;
amazing is not really appropriate for this cos its more than amazing!
wow very good job
wow! Amazing!
Can you upload the .pdf file please.
Very good job. <br>It's amazing the work they can do, with some important tools at hand. <br> <br>Daniel Domingos
did your machine cut the cardboar? if you dont have that machine there is no way right?
WOW... That is one of the greatest makes I've ever seen <br>Did you seal it with anything to minimize dust etc?
Wow, how many sheets of virgin cardboard does that take in production? It's gotta weigh a few pounds when finished.
It took around 380 sheets of 36&quot; x 24&quot; carboard and ended up being ~1300 pieces <br>:)
You blew it up! Damn you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now that is cool!
Awesomely insane!

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Bio: I am currently working in the Office of the CTO at Autodesk in San Francisco experimenting with new technologies as they relate to digital design
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