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Introduction: Cardboard Stool

My second instructable, originating from a series of cardboard furniture pieces i am designing for my flat.

Here is my design for a cardboard stool, made from 22 interlocking trapezoidal hollow forms, and capped with 3 layers of cardboard to form a seat.

I used 3mm corrugated cardboard to make the forms and then glued them together with pva.

The stool is sturdy enough for me to comfortably stand on (and i weigh around 80kg). In this design the central load bearing axis is comprised of 66 layers of 3mm board - pretty sturdy. The photos show its condition after about 5 months of use, which explains the slight wear.

I've included some schematics so you can get a better idea of how the piece works, if people are interested i'll consider adding a step by step guide.

You can check out some of my other cardboard pieces here



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    Contém umaInclude step-by-step guide please!!

    Same here!

    Include step-by-step guide please!!

    I've got tons of cardboard and I need a place to sit. Plz include step-by-step instructions.

    Great design. I would love step by step instructions. My son is into building things from cardboard.

    Very cool. It's stylish and still cheap, additionally, it works. Please make a step for step guide! =)

    heyy... i loved your design , now i am keen on making this one myself.. could u please give me the measurements of the height and the hexagon !! it would really help me .

    i love it, im in the poor house and need a chair haha lucky me i have an abundance of good cardboard!

    You said if people are interested you will consider adding a step by step guide. Well I am definitely interested in this. I would love to know how to do this. I am broke and have access to free cardboard. Furniture that looks good and is inexpensive is great. :)