My sister was having a lemonade stand one day and I thought, "Why not use her lemonade stand to make me some money?" And then I thought, "How I am I going to make money?" and then I thought, "Oh yeah, I sell paracord stuff!"

And this box was born!

I didn't really use it as a suggestion box, but as a box to collect order forms and money. I designed it myself, without the use of another instructable. I made it from a Lowe's Large Moving Box and lots of Scotch tape. Then I decorated it with blue duct tape.

To make it, I cut one piece to the heighth and width I wanted for the tallest point of the box, then cut another that same width but a few inches shorter. I then cut two side pieces the same height as the first piece but only as wide as I wanted it. I taped it all together then measure how big the slanted piece needed to be. I taped it together and then measure how big the bottom should be, then cut out a bottom and taped it on. Then I cut a slot in the slanted piece for people to put order forms and money in. Later, I realized that no one would buy anything if they didn't know what they were buying, so I used these little metal things I found in my garage to hook some of my pieces onto the sides of the box. I also ended up adding a piece on top for the name of my "business" and also stuck some business cards in the top.

Thanks for looking!
EthanM29 months ago

so cool, were do you get the paracords tho?