Introduction: Cardboard Sword. Strong and Swift.

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Make great durable swords for play or show!

Step 1: Materials.

Solid rod. (Wood, plexiglass, anything sturdy) roughly 1/2 to 1 inch in thickness. Any length.


Tape. (I used scotch tape to construct the sword, and duct tape to color it.)

Step 2: Beginning the Blade.

Picture of Beginning the Blade.

Start by cutting several pieces of cardboard, each should be approximately the same size. You will enough to equal the length of the rod, doubled.

Bend the pieces at the center, lengthwise.

Lay the pieces on each other, staggered as shown.

Tape them together.

Step 3: Getting the Point.

Picture of Getting the Point.

Slide the blade onto the pole, leaving enough room for a hand or two at the bottom, depending on how long you want your handle.

Trim the end into a point.

Tape carefully.

Step 4: Getting a Handle on Things.

Picture of Getting a Handle on Things.

Cut a large piece of cardboard, the length you want your handle.

Tape one edge of the cardboard to the handle, and roll the cardboard until it is tight.

Tape until stable.

Step 5: Pommel.

Picture of Pommel.

Cut a long, thin piece of cardboard, and wrap it around the end of the handle.

Tape it into place.

Cut a small circle or octagon from cardboard and tape it onto the end of the pommel.

Step 6: The Cross Guard.

Picture of The Cross Guard.

Cut two small pieces of cardboard and lay them on the edge of the blade closest to the handle, and tape them there.

Next, cut two identical pieces in whatever pattern you want for your cross guard.

Tape them on top of the smaller pieces you placed previously.

(I used silver tape to color my blade here)

Cut two strips of cardboard and fold them each into the piece I am holding in the sixth picture.

Push these in between the pieces of the cross guard for strength.

Tape heavily.

Step 7: Sharpening Your Blade.

Picture of Sharpening Your Blade.

Add color!

I taped mine silver, and left the cross guard brown.

You use whatever color you like.

Step 8: Finnish.

Picture of Finnish.

I made a greatsword by double layering the blade, and using a four foot pole.

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Danger_Dolan (author)2017-11-28

sounds cool! can the tape be switched out for another kind, say electrical tape? also, if you would, do you think that the pole can be pvc? and if so, a recommended diameter inside? like 1/2 inch, or a whole inch?

sorry for the million questions, but i think this is really cool and it is a really good idea. i have made plenty of cardboard swords and they all turned out badly. this one seems to work well, and i want to make it! thanks for the awesome instructable!

No problems Sir Dolan! I enjoy the questions and helping people out! Yes, you could use any tape that's sticky, I just use what I have. You could use any rod that is stiff, and I find that around 1/2" works best. If you were to use this technic for an axe or other pole weapon though, I would use 1".

sounds great. will get working on it soon! thanks for making all these great instructables!

I look forward to it! If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask.

thesuperninja2 (author)2017-11-20

Looks great!

Thank you! I'm thinking about doing the Elucidator from SAO.

hey.... i watch SAO! cool anime

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