Cardboard Truck





Introduction: Cardboard Truck

it's all cardboard boxes!! For the wheels i attached 2 cardboard boxes against the grain...then taped the edges so i gave a nice finish. For the axle i got long cardboard tubes (you can find it in material shops! they will give it to you free once the length of material is over!).  The lifting up arms ( i don't know what it's called) the tiers i pasted 2 boards up and cut the shape out....later i reinforced the arms with plastic sticks and taped it up...i also got a light Bristol board and hot glued it to the arms.

For the body as you can see form the pictures....i cut out the windows....(later i added another box under it as it wasn't high enough for my son to stand inside can see it in the second picture). For the bottom of the body i removed the flaps and cut out a square smaller than the top box opening so i can be hot glued and taped properly. As you can see all the edges and joints were reinforced with tape.



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    Not sure if you are still replying, but what sort of tape did you use and what sort of paint. Thanks much! (fantastic project for children).

    Sorry for the late reply, I have been busy with my newborn baby these
    last four months and only now I'm slowly picking up my rhythm :-)

    I used enamel paint as that is what I had. It serves as a protector too. The tape I used was what thy normally use for cardboard. You wet it to glue. It has fiber lines going in diamond shape.

    But I think you can use any tape. :-)

    Thanks :-)


    honk HONK!

    Thanks! looking for loads of cardboard tubes to make something cool for my son and the contest....but nobody is willing to part with them!! :-(