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Ok so this is a cool sword made totally of cardboard tubes and duct tape. It is good for sword fights with friends. Its also pretty sturdy and won't hurt too bad if you don't swing to hard.


Step 1: Stuff

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You will need several things and the rest can be custumized.
You will need a wrapping papper tube (it shoud be sturdy and stiff), a toilet papper tube, some duct tape, and scissors. If you want a really strong sword get a cardboard box or another, less stiff wrapping papper tube. You can also get some more cardboard tubes, yarn, string, different colored tapes like masking tape colored duct tape, or electrical tape.

Step 2: Blade

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the wrapping papper tube will bee the blade on the sword. All you really have to do is use the duct tape to tape over any rips in the tube. DO NOT TPAE OVER THE HOLES ON THE TOP AND BOTTOM OF THE TUBE. If you happen to have an extra toilet papper roll or a papper towl (which is what I used roll you can attach a bracer. To make a bracer you have to cut the extra tube down the middle long ways. Wrap it tightly around the blade and tape it there. you can also make a hilt bracer. Cut a thin strip of cardboard and wrap it around the blade just above where you want the hilt to be. Then tape it in place

Step 3: Hilt

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Now you need to make the hilt. Take the toilet paper tube and poke a hole in the middle with the scissors. Then make it about as large as the blade. Poke another hole on the other side of the tube
and stick the blade through. Then slide it up to were ever you want it to be on the blade. Tape it in place.

Step 4: CUSTOM

If you have an extra tube or a cardboard box, you can stuff it inside the plade to make it stronger. If the tube doesn't fit in the hole, fold it long ways. If you have a box, cut it into strips and them into the blade. Tape up the holes now. You can also stuff the hilt with cardbourd to make it strong. You may want to decorate the blade with colored tapes or string (although you should cover the whole sword with some kind of tape). You can do nearly anything you want to make it YOUR sword.


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huntingfisherman (author)2009-12-05

i made one of them i didn t know if i should flaten the hilt or not but it looks good any way

LargePaperCup (author)2009-08-19

to make it stronger you could get more tubes the cut the vertically once and then roll it up a bit and stick them in there

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