How to make a cute little lamb with your kids using a cardboard tube, some cotton balls and black pipe cleaners. Here's a video tutorial!

The supplies you will need are:

1/2 cardboard toilet tube
5-6 cotton balls
2 black chenille stems
black felt
2 small wiggle eyes
medium black pom-pom
white craft glue
hot glue gun or instant grab glue
click here for pattern for lamb head and ears

You can also access a printable version of the full instructions here.

Enjoy, have fun with your kids, and Happy Easter!

~ Amanda
Crafts by Amanda
<p> Last year, I made the cardboard tube lamb from memory then later wished I had printed the instructions &amp; watched the video. In spite of my mistakes, the cardboard tube lamb stands on its own &amp; is still cute. This year, I'm printing the instructions &amp; watched the video. The paper towel tubes will be cut into 2-1/4 inch tubes not 4 inch tubes. The stiff black felt head &amp; black pom pom ball tail will be glued on the sides of the tubes not ends of the tubes. This is the most adorable lamb craft! Is there a bunny hat craft or Easter wreath craft?</p>
lovely lamb.
Thank you Susan!
You are very creative. Any other sharing.
Thanks Susan! I'll be adding more soon :)
Looking forward to more recommendation.

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