What did I make?
I made a Piggy Bank out of a discarted cable stool.It functions to save money.
How did you make it?
With the help of my Dad and my brother we disassamble the cable stool geting out the cardboard tube which is the main part of the piggy bank using it as a container for the coins.
Where did you make it?
I made this in my home and share the idea in my school.
What did you learn?
I learn that a lot of things could be given it a second use instead of throwing it to the trash.

My daddy had always teach us that we must to save money for the future.but some piggy banks are so little and bored.So i decided to build my own piggy bank.
Cardboard Tubes are so cool to upcycling projects so with my daddy and brother  help I built a Piggy Bank to save some coins.I wish at the end of the year we could gather a lot of money.I hope youl like it rated and vote..

Haz tu propia alancía utilizando un tubo de Carton.Con la ayuda de mi padre y mi hermanito construi una idea que rondaba mi cabeza por mucho tiempo.Espero el final de año poder ahorrar muchas monedas.Espero les guste comenten y voten.

Step 1: Gather Materials.

Small cable spool.
Contact Paper.
Biggest Coin of your country.

carrete vacio de cable.
Caladora de madera.
papel Contact de colores.

very cute! <br>
Completely, totally awesome.
Way to go princess !!
Genial! Una gran idea!!!
sajusa excellent. this is a very creative idea. =)
Very cute! I love the Pac Man design :)

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