Picture of How to Make a Cardboard Tumbling Dice Tower!
Hello Everyone,
In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a card board dice tower. For those of you who don't know, a dice tower is a small tower that you can put dice in through the top. The dice will travel down the tower and will hit many obstacles before coming out of the bottom. Dice towers eliminate the need for rolling dice by hand.  However, some dice towers are very costly, but not his one! Th dice tower I will make in this Instructable is made from spare cardboard and other materials you probably have around the house. Let's begin!

What did I make?
I made a cardboard dice tower, which lets you put in a dice on the top and then spit the dice out through the bottom. It works by hitting the dice with many platforms as it travels down the tower. To make this, I used carboard, pliers, hot glue, paperclips, a pen, a ruler, and some paper.

How did you make it?
I got the idea for the project when I saw a game at an arcade. In the game, the player would put a coin in a slot, and the slot would bump against many rods on the way down. This gave me the idea for how many dice tower should work. I worked on this project completely by myself. As I  made worked on the project, my designs constantly changed. Originally, the tower was actually supposed to be a small cube, but I realized the cube would not be able to hold enough obstacles. I also had many different designs for the location and shape of the platforms. Because my design was constantly changing, I started this project over and over many times.

Where did you make it?
I made this project completely at home. This project connects to my life because I am an avid board game player, and my opponents often cheat with dice. This ensures that they don't cheat.

What did I learn?
I learned a lot of stuff from this project.  One of the challenges I encountered while building the tower was when I finished. I put a die into the top of the tower, but it did not come out of the bottom. It turned out the distance between two platforms was too close, so the dice could not pass through. I had to completely disassemble the tower, change the distance between platforms, and rebuild the tower. I am proudest of the paperclip supports underneath each platform. I came up with idea for supports and built them all by myself. These supports allow the user to change the angle of the platforms inside the tower. If I had to build this again, I would test if the dice could travel through the tower before completely assembling the tower.
Verticees (author) 2 years ago
Thank you all so much for your encouraging comments!
Frostxr made it!10 months ago

Yay I made it! took me a little longer then it should have. Tweaked a lot here and there. But finally completed it.Thanks dude!

Now I just need to decorate it.

Verticees (author)  Frostxr3 months ago

That's fantastic!

Hey good idea
Verticees (author)  eva_maree_dixon1 year ago
einnis1 year ago
This would be awesome as a clear plexiglass too. Watch your dice tumble down!
Verticees (author)  einnis1 year ago
It sure would be cool! I'll probably make another one when I can get my hands on some plexiglass. I might even call it the "Ghost Tower", since you can see through it!
DdraigGoch2 years ago
What a really good idea! I'm impressed and I think I might well make one, considering it's me who usually knocks over the components with the dice throw :D

Thank you very much for your very clear instructions and good photographs. I hope you do well in the competition and I've voted for you too. I agree that a little duct tape around the corners would strengthen it, even if it was internally applied.
Verticees (author)  DdraigGoch2 years ago
Thanks so much! Kind comments like yours make my day!
bajablue2 years ago
Great idea! If you encased the tower in duct tape, it would hold up longer. ;-) Voted!
Verticees (author)  bajablue2 years ago
Thanks! Unfortunately, I am out of duct tape, but you are right!
Winged Fist2 years ago
Nice job and cool concept! I wish I thought of this when I was 14 and addicted to D&D;-)

I have one suggestion: You might want to consider getting yourself a roll of wood print contact paper, and wrapping your tower in it. This will serve two purposes: Making it look like it's made of wood (and covering up the cardboard), AND making it a bit sturdier.

If you want to get really fancy, you can also throw a coat of polyurethane over the contact paper and really make it look like wood! I've used this technique in a number of projects, including my Steampunk iPod Classic Case, and it's very effective;.
Verticees (author)  Winged Fist2 years ago
Thanks for your suggestion! I never would have thought of that!
dreamberry2 years ago
Dude this is awesome! definitely going on my must build list!
Verticees (author)  dreamberry2 years ago
Thank you for viewing my Instructable! Tell me if you have any suggestions!
dozer7892 years ago
Great Job! This is very cool, i never thought of anything like this. This will be great for my brother (He has a problem of sending the dice ALL OVER the house when he rolls)

I also voted for you. :D
Verticees (author)  dozer7892 years ago
Thanks so much
Verticees (author) 2 years ago
Hello everyone! Don't forget to vote and comment on this Instructable! I could use all the suggestions!
Cool! You should try making one out of wood. It would look more professional.
Verticees (author)  roboticarrow2 years ago
I wish I could, but I am only 14, so my access to power tools is very limited
You can pick up thin sheets of wood at most lumber/hardware/craft/DIY/home improvement stores. MDF, plywood, basswood, etc. Craft shops usually have smaller sizes, 12"x8" or 18"x4" or something weird like that. Hardware and lumber yards usually have larger sheets, 24" squares, 24"x48" and 48"x96".

Super easy to cut to size and shape with a hand saw. If you've got one of those kicking around the house. The hard part would be setting it up for the glue to work, if you don't have clamps or something like that.

Anyway, I like the adjustable shelves, assuming they hold up to the dice bombardment for at least a little while.
Verticees (author)  Thrasym2 years ago

I usually don't buy parts for my Instructables, I just use whatever I have in my house. However, I might buy some wood and make a wooden version of this tower!
Nice build!
Would wire work instead of paperclips?
Verticees (author)  rockinhero201X2 years ago
As long as the wires are strong enough, yes!

Thanks for commenting!