Step 4: Make the Plenum

The plenum is the airflow straightener it makes sure that the wind is flowing evenly through the tunnel.

- Cut your cardboard tubes to 12 inch lengths (you will need about 18).

- Experiment with inserting them into the end of your tunnel to see how they fit best.

- Once you have found the best way to put them in, take them out and hot glue them together.

- Insert the plenum into the end of the tunnel that will be attached to the fan. If it is loose, secure it with duct tape or hot glue.
<p>Big Baneser how much cardboard did you use?</p>
<p>We created this for our 8th grade science classroom. It is 10 feet long and made out of 2&quot; foam insulation. Fantastic...</p><p>Thank you.</p>
Could you make this out of wood???
Nice I am doing a science fair project on wing types and some of your info really helped inspire me
<p>Cool! How are you making your wings!</p>
Out of quad paper
dude u could put a hole in the bottom and vook it up to a vent so that warm or cold air be directly blow on you
i'll make a small one with a PC fan<br>but nice idea with the cardboard tubes, simpler than honeycomb
Very nice. Do you have a video of it working? It would be cool to see some airfoils floating inside of it.<br /><br />Also... "Congradulations!" should be "Congratulations!"
No, I don't have a video. I have a picture of an airfoil in it, though. I'll see if I can attach a picture to a reply soon, but I don't have the picture on my iPod touch, which is what I'm typing on now.

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