Picture of Cardboard and Duct Tape: DVD Storage
I've got three kids and our DVD storage area is a mess!  I needed a low cost way to keep things more organized.  With a little imagination, some cardboard and duct tape, I am very pleased at the final results.

Tools & Materials needed:
  • cardboard box
  • duct tape
  • tape measure or ruler
  • marker
  • box cutter
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Step 1: Find a box and cut to size

Picture of Find a box and cut to size
  • Find a box.  This bleach box seemed to a good fit.  I could easily slide a DVD into it.
  • Measure and cut the box.  Anywhere from 5"-6" is adequate for DVDs.

Step 2: Tape up your box

Picture of Tape up your box
  • You now have two halves that can be used for storage. The lower half is already glued and ready.  Just tape the other side up, and you are all set.

Step 3: Finished Product

Picture of Finished Product
  • I am happy with the final result.  I had to modify the length of the boxes to fit under our cabinets.  Thanks for looking :)

Such a simple yet so useful innovation. Duct tapes have always been very helpful in handling minor hiccups around the house, especially in the kitchen, and with your idea, it has proven to have done it yet again. Not only are you able to neatly store your DVDs in this DVD storage box, you also get to save the environment by recycling your used cardboard boxes. If you were to wrap them all up in fanciful gift wrappers, you can actually make other types of storage boxes, perhaps for the room or kitchen areas. If you need them for the bathroom, simply wrap them with waterproof plastic wrappers.