This guide will teach you how to make a viking helmet out of nothing but duct tape and cardboard (and some other stuff). I made this for the Make to Learn contest so here are the questions:

What did you make?
I made a viking helmet! This is actually my second try at a viking helmet, the first one is the bottom picture. After a while, the first one started falling apart and I recently realized how I could've prevented that...cardboard of course!
How did you make it?
I made the first one because I wanted to represent my viking heritage and it looked funny with a beard hat. I made the second one because I really liked the first one. The only person that helped me was my mom, I can't tie balloons...pathetic, right?
Where did you make it?
I made the helmet at home. I don't do these types of projects at school cause people look at me funny.
What did you learn?
I learned how to make the helmet a lot stronger than the previous one. I also learned how to sculpt with newspaper and masking tape. It was mentioned briefly in seamster's Duct Tape Batman Mask instructable, but he didn't really tell how to do it. I figured it out as I went along. If I had to do this project again, I would add more length to it so it would fit my head better.

For this project, you will need the following:
Single-ply corrugated cardboard
Brown, "cookie", and gray duct tape (or whatever colors you want, its your helmet)
Measuring tape
Normal tape
and Hot glue

Step 1: Measuring

First, measure your head. Now make a thin strip of non-sticky duct tape the same length. I encountered some smallness issues so you might want to add on an inch or so. 

Now take the strip and tape the ends together. If its right, the strip should fit around your head like a headband.
<p>No horns on viking helmets - honest</p>
<p>do you glue the triangles onto the silver duct tape? also how many layers of triangles do you do as it looks like you have done 2 but you dont specify thankyou</p>
i love this duct tape helmet
your welcome and keep making creations<br>
Will do!
This is an amazing helmet Duct Crossing. Love the horns. ❤
The balloon face cracked me up. Well done. And though Vikings never wore horned helmets in battle (essentially adding handholds for convenient throat-slashing by one's enemies), there is some archaeological evidence to support horned helmets being worn in a ceremonial capacity. Priests tend to get the coolest accessories as they're unconstrained by the practicalities of weight, potential head removal, or being teased by their pillaging peers. (The papal mitre is another good example of this. You didn't see a lot of crusaders sporting that look, but grenadiers later adopted the pointy style to avoid knocking their hats off when throwing grenades.) <br /> <br />Or perhaps you were basing your conception of Viking dress off of Herodotus's histories like pretty much everyone else up until the 18th century. If it's historically accurate enough for opera, it should be fine for cardboard and duct tape.
Thank you. I knew it was a Viking helmet.
Vikings did not ware horn on their helmets.
This one does.
then you have an error in the subject. This is not a viking helmet. <br>
Vikings are commonly depicted with horns on their helmets. It might not be as historically accurate as the stuff you make, but it's a Viking helmet.
Only because the misunderstanding about vikings with horns are so commonly spread don't make it alright to keep spreading it. A simple disclaimer would help a lot. <br> <br>I agree this is a cool helmet, it is a great idea and my kids will love to make one and play with it. Duct tape projects are always cool :-) <br> <br>/Thomas
By the way, I enjoyed the sword tutorial you made.
Very Very Cool and I love the horns =)
Thank you!
Excellent! I especially like the balloon viking :D
Thanks! :)

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Bio: I like to draw cartoons and make things out of duct tape.
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