Cardboard and Water Magic Trick





Introduction: Cardboard and Water Magic Trick

Amaze your friends with this easy magic trick.

Step 1: Materials

-pocket knife
-cup (in my opinion a clear glass works the best).

Step 2: Cardboard

Cut the cardboard so it is a little bigger than the glass.

Step 3: Water

Fill the glass about 1/4 of the way full. Then place the cardboard on the top of the glass.

Step 4: Done!

To start out put your hand on the cardboard and slowly tilt the glass upside down so that all of the water is sitting on the cardboard. Then slowly and carefully remove your hand off the cardboard. the cardboard should stay on the glass! Any sudden movements will cause the cardboard's seal  to fail resulting in a mess full of water.



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    I haven't seen the one where the water stays in the glass, but if you can't reproduce it, it may just be an upside down camera ;)

    Dude careful with that knife or you'll hurt yourself, oh wait...never mind.

    nasty cut you got there buddy!

    I'm going to freak out my grandma she gets scared from stuff like this

    This is also useful if you get bad service at a restaurant. Place your tip in a water glass. Put the cardboard on and turn it upside down. Then you can set that on your table and slide the cardboard out. That leaves an upside down glass of water that can't be moved without making a mess. Not that I would ever do that. :-)


    LOL that is funny!

    thank you for the idea :D