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My intractable is for a bench seat that you can put generally everywhere but my intention is to put is at a lake, pond ore stream to enjoy the view.
farmerboyk3 years ago
Instructable not intractable :3
gateon5 years ago
looks great! surprised to see someone else had this idea, i havent made mine yet, but i do have it designed in sketchup, and its going to be made of wood though.
Turnip1236 years ago
I can't really understand some of what you have written. If you speak a different language try http://freetranslation.com
I saw a similar idea before, except it was used as a form for makng a pemanent bench in the garden. just fill the voids between the cardboard with soil and sprinkle over grass seeds or similar. Makes a great looking and practical bench for the garden. Then you just need to figure out how to mow it.
eliza_manders (author) 6 years ago
Hey thanks! I don't know how heavy the complete bench is, it is 3-4m long so I could not lift it, but it is made from cardboard so not heavy at all. I could lift the l-forms by myself, all 30 so..... Thanks for your comment!
Just a word from the wise, if you want to Wasagi to see your comment to him, press 'reply' at his comment box. I see a lot of newer members who just post the comment, thinking who it is intended for will see it. Great instructable! A good contribution to the community.
Wasagi6 years ago
This is amazing! I can't belive I didn't think of this before... How heavy are these?