Picture of Cardboard bench...
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Step 1:

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My intractable is for a bench seat that you can put generally everywhere but my intention is to put is at a lake, pond ore stream to enjoy the view.

Step 2:

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You need a lot of cardboard to put the bench together, i got it from al local bicycle store, the boxes are big and the cardboard is firm. So try to collect many peaces.

Step 3:

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Make this form 25-30 times whit a bunch of people so u create a group feeling and so it wont take you so long. You can decide how big you bench gets but I made it as big as a normal chair size. The incisions you so I will tell you about them later...

Step 4:

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Now you make the transverse pieces of the bench, they are long so you need a bigger piece of cardboard for them. The height of the transverse pieces are based on the l-form you made before.

Step 5:

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When you have al these pieces you decide how the are positioned into each other, this is were the incisions play a role. The cuts have to be centred and between every cut there has to be the same amount of space. Look at how many mm the cardboard is and make the incisions 2 times this wide.

Step 6:

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If you did everything alright and I explained everything well this is the result you are suppose to get.

Step 7:

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I did it like this so you can look the other way to.

Step 8:

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Same here.

Step 9:

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If you do this with a group you probably need one ore two days.
Have fun!