Picture of Cardboard box spotlight
Hello fellow 'Iblers! And for those on a short budget and needs a spot light for film making or just illuminate a dark area, here is the solution, a cardboard box spotlight. Made from cardboard, tin foil and Adhesive tape! Plain and simple and anyone could do it in just a couple minutes!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
What you will need for this project are very simple and easy to find items.

Cardboard box
Light socket
Adhesive tape
Light Plug (Not on picture)

Exact o Knife

Step 2: Measure

Picture of Measure
Take a Pencil or a pen and draw a line in the middle of one of the sides of the box, this place will be the exit for the light, draw a line above and under too just like on the photo. Take your light socket and draw a circle around it on the opposite side of the box, there you will install the socket.

Step 3: Cut

Picture of Cut
Now, cut on the marked lines, cut the top and lower flaps, keep them for now we will be going to use them, and flip the left and right flaps you just made to the out side. Open a hole where you had drawn the circle. the box would look like as on the last picture.
(as an optional you could cut he rear flap too or just bend it over and glue it)

Step 4: I have been foiled!

Picture of I have been foiled!
Now, with the tin foil, tape and the help of your knive, foil the inside of the box, foil all the flaps, incluing those we had cut out.

Step 5: Installation!

Picture of Installation!
Now, install the light socket on the back hole. You can glue it on place or you can screw it if it has any screw-able part. Install a Plug and test light it!
Did a green screen vid for the first time and this would have helped along with some pvc stands