Step 4: Try It Out.

Now just get your piece of corrugated, and mark a line where you want to bend it.  Start with the tool rocked up on one end of the line and roll it down the line. that's it!
If you need a longer fold than the tool, just move it over and start again.
Now that you have it creased, just grab your cardboard and fold. NIce straight clean bend every time.
<p>I like making stuff out of cardboard, too. I've tried using a straight edge and creasing with a bone folder. Usually it just cuts through if I'm going with the ribs. This creaser is just what I need.</p>
<p>good idea. I've sometimes folded cardboard over a 2x4 or similar lumber, but dont think result was too pretty.</p>
TERRIFIC IDEA! <br>I too enjoy making things from cardboard (free is good). I've always used a creasing tool and straight edge. That is hard work. Your tool is much better. Thanks for sharing this.
This is a great idea. I bet with a little practice you could even score shallow curves with it.
Yes, I suppose you could, but you would have a fun time trying to bend a curve.
I am surprised and gratified that this project has been featured on the homepage and apparently appreciated by all of you. It was such a simple project that I almost didn't post it. Seems to have filled a need, so I'm happy that I did go ahead and publish it.
It's often the simplest Instructables that are appreciated the most.<br><br>I nearly didn't post one because I thought that, while the idea was innovative, the process was too simple.<br><br>That one got featured too. :)
indeed! the simple, ingenious ideas are the ones that blow minds, make people slap their heads, are the ones that make instructables legendary.
It was over 20 years ago and they were made by the in-house engineers, but I remember them basically being a piece of steel approx 3mm thick, cut into the shape of a handle with a round end. The steel would then be rounded off on the edges to avoid piercing the cardboard too easily. <br><br>Another method that could work well would be a small wheel with rounded edges attached to a handle.
you're short of time/ materials, use a coin with a smooth edge (2p ideal in uk) with a straight edge. A small amount of pressure with the coin will be enough to &quot;dent&quot; the cardboard before folding. NB. Much lighter pressure required when creasing in the direction of the flutes.<br><br>I used to work for a very large packaging company in Europe, making sample packaging from 8' x 4' triple fluted sheets, and a simple coin worked wonders when the usual tools went a wandering!<br><br>This looks a great tool for creasing a lot of cardboard though, and looks like it won't leave slight marks on the cardboard that an old coin often does.
thanks for the tip. So what is the &quot;proper&quot; tool for this like? since making this I've heard of several ways others have done it.
WOW! After seeing this i feal like i just learned the magicians secret. Really nice to know this. I have been trying to figure out what to use for storage boxes and i think this will help. Thanks
Awesome! I'll be making one of these for sure!
Simple, effective...a perfect tool! Very well done!
That's a great idea, well done, I really wish I'd thought of it while I was making the Northackton spider <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/dave_chatting/5530283883/" rel="nofollow">http://www.flickr.com/photos/dave_chatting/5530283883/</a>
Neat idea! Since I'm lazy, I might try gluing a length of solid bare wire, maybe 14 gauge, to the curve, instead of forming the &quot;v&quot;. The wire pressing into the cardboard won't make quite as sharp of a groove, though.
You helped me solve a problem I didn't even know I had, thanks! I'll be making this soon.
Love it when that happens! Aint this site great!!

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