Step 4: Try it out.

Picture of Try it out.
Now just get your piece of corrugated, and mark a line where you want to bend it.  Start with the tool rocked up on one end of the line and roll it down the line. that's it!
If you need a longer fold than the tool, just move it over and start again.
Now that you have it creased, just grab your cardboard and fold. NIce straight clean bend every time.
TrophyJoe2 years ago
I too enjoy making things from cardboard (free is good). I've always used a creasing tool and straight edge. That is hard work. Your tool is much better. Thanks for sharing this.
Prfesser3 years ago
Neat idea! Since I'm lazy, I might try gluing a length of solid bare wire, maybe 14 gauge, to the curve, instead of forming the "v". The wire pressing into the cardboard won't make quite as sharp of a groove, though.
katzsplat3 years ago
You helped me solve a problem I didn't even know I had, thanks! I'll be making this soon.
heathbar64 (author)  katzsplat3 years ago
Love it when that happens! Aint this site great!!