Picture of Cardboard fort
This is a fort that is made out of cardboard. I got this idea by deciding I wanted to make a fort, but I also wanted to make a castle, so here is the result: a sturdy, well made, cardboard fort.
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Step 1: The materials

Picture of The materials
You will need a lot of cardboard, so be sure to save some from moving or from large packaging. You will need:
1. 2 cardboard boxes (for the sides and the towers)
2. 1 or 2 thinner boxes (for the accesories like the spikes, arched walls, and the round tops)
3. A thing to cut the boxes with like a knife of scissors*
4. Lots of tape or glue

*be very careful with the cutting item. I would recommend wearing gloves for this.

Step 2: Cutting the cardboard

Picture of Cutting the cardboard
For the first step, cut the first thicker cardboard box into its four sides. Put them to the side. These are the sides of the fort.
The next step is trickier, but not by that much. Get the next box and cut out one side. Cut the side in half. Each half needs to be rolled up and taped. this is the beginning of the back towers.
The third step involves cutting out two sides. Draw out fourths and cut out three-fourths. remember, cut into three-fourths, not into fourths. Fold them into eight sections and tape it up. These are the main towers.

kevin_kenway5 months ago
Epicycles I'm thinking putting a blanket ontop