Cardboard Lamp-lantern





Introduction: Cardboard Lamp-lantern

I wanted to do this thing for a long time.
So my manager went to vacation and I had some time for this :)

Step 1:

Now what we need:
A4 paper (5 sheets)
paper glue
and something to light up, I had a Blue LED

Step 2:

I started measuring by size of A4 paper.
I thought that this size is optimal for bedside or table lamp.
And now it is ready to be cut

Step 3:

So I started cutting using ruler (to get straight lines) and cutter.
We already had marks to follow.
After several sides were ready.

Now I needed squares for top and bottom sides.
Best way to get square is described in pictures.

Step 4:

Now we need tom make some windows for lights.
I cut out rectangles from all sides.
Bottom will stay solid and TOP sill also be with window.

Step 5:

To make it simple I just googled for some cliparts and made printouts.
They were free to use.
At the same time you can draw anythig you want on the A4 paper or same size textile and use it.

Step 6:

I just simply sticked them to the sides (they become like frames) with paper glue

Step 7:

Now the last step. Just assemble parts together

I used some paper glue to make it more stable

Step 8:

And at last, the ready product :)

Now I can put CFL or LED or even a candle in it.

To avoid flame I will advice to use liquid glass on all surfaces (Sodium Silicate).
It is transparent, paper becomes flame resistant (it will burn at last but will give a lot of time to save yourself) and what is most important it is cheap, I payed 2$ per pound.

Hope you liked this instructable.
It took the same time to build and publish this thing :)



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    this is awesome and totally cute!

    "onion" or tracing paper would make these even more transparent (at the cost of some durability) If your coating layer gives some strength to the paper it might be somthing to try :) If you cant get the onionskin paper to go through the printer, try lightly taping it to a regular piece of paper

    2 replies

    thing is that I was making it sitting at my workplace. and at telecoms company it's a bit hard to find something special, all the things I used are office supplies as you can see (maybe excluding LEDs, but even they are used for several tasks) :) I have some other ideas with cardboard but unfortunately my manager is back from his vacation :D:D

    Yes, it does look good - thanks. L

    This looks really cool lit up, especially with a coloured LED.