Picture of Cardboard motorized car
In this instructable i will be teaching you how to make a small motor powered car made of k'nex, cardboard and a few other supplies.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
You will need...

-1 7x7 inch piece of cardboard
-2 2x2 inch cardboard circles
-2 lego wheels
-3 inch skewer
- a k'nex motor
- a k'nex stick that would fit in the motor
- gorilla glue (or any glue)
- gorilla tape (or any tape)
- and something to keep the cardboard circles from falling out (i used k'nex pieces)
should add a video other than that, way to go 5*
speedbump145 years ago
i have seen that there are several difernt moter colers does that mean that they are difernt or are they the same i have seen black green blue silver moters is there a diference please write back and look aat my knex suspenshon buggy
Different powers.
KnexFreek5 years ago
 5 stars
Paper Maker6 years ago
Oh My! Its Franken Car! (jk) Nice. Keep up the good work!
Tunja6 years ago
Great project, keep up the good work |o..O|
dorito Tunja6 years ago
r u kidding this is jank
brunoip6 years ago
Nice project, reminds me one I did several year ago
GianniMora (author)  brunoip6 years ago
thanks brunoip
lemonie6 years ago
KNEX - cardboard cross? Is it a sin against nature? (looks nice) L
GianniMora (author)  lemonie6 years ago