Picture of Cardboard pencil case
This is a pencil case that has a little style.  When I was a child, I use to make one of these before I started school since the sixth grade.  I still make these just for fun.
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Step 1:

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For the case run around and collect the following necessary items from around the house (especially your mom's sewing box):  Cardboard, elastic, needle and thread, scissors, tape, string, glue.  For the contents of the box get the basic necessities such as:  color pencils or crayons, pencil, pen, eraser, pencil sharpener, rule and circular ruler.

Step 2:

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Optional items will be contact paper (for wrapping paper), silk cord (for string) and velcro.  I rather used contact paper, because I wouldn't have to use glue, which saves the mess.

Step 3:

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I used the measurements listed in the picture.  You might use different pencils and rulers, so your measurements might be different.  This illustration is for reference to what I did.  I marked the back side of my project, because it is going to be covered.

Step 4:

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I shade the areas I am about to cut out.

Step 5:

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The shaded areas got cut out and the lines were scored by scissors.

Step 6:

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Get the pencil case ready for installing the elastics, which will act as holders, by positioning the pencil, where you want the elastic to be.

Step 7:

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Where you had laid those pencils, make four slits and thread elastic around the front and back as shown.

Step 8:

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Stitch in between where the pencils will be making a knot in the back.

Step 9:

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Pull up the loops, to make inserting the pencils easier.

Step 10:

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Cut two panels for the back, so that when it is wrapped with contact paper or other paper, it would go on smooth.

Step 11:

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Glue or tape panel to the back of pencil case.

Step 12:

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Put the contents in the pencil case (good for added weight).  Then lay the pencil case on the contact paper.  If you are not using contact paper, blue the back side then lay it on the wrapping paper or if you used fabric, lay it on the fabric.  Then trim the sides.
Love it I'm making one this year
KwartzKitten5 months ago
Dang, I like this idea! The sturdy protection of a pencil box mixed with the convenience of having it all out on the table! And you thought of this in sixth grade? Nice.
scoochmaroo2 years ago
Great work!
Really cute! Very useful too :)