Create more spaces that weren't there before, save a tonne by creating you're own furniture out of cardboard and watercolour tape.

You'll find several nifty tricks and tips here and in following instructables about how to design your own cardboard furniture.

Some pieces can be completed in a day or two, depending on your design.

I came across Eric Guiomar's DVD titled How to Design Cardboard Furniture by Vinestreetworks, then his first book, and then this instructable was born.

Here's some new techniques you can use to design uniquely shaped furniture.

New! Eric Guiomar's new pdf book part 2 is available.

Check out many French Cartonnistes personal websites below:
French Cartonnistes Websites

In this instructable, I demonstrate how I made an extremely sturdy three-storey book shelf made of six ply cardboard. Simply follow the same principles to create any design you like.

Step 1: Sketch Your Design & Measure & Cut Accurately

Check out books and catalogues for inspiration. The first cupboard I planned to make was a Chinese style black and gold one. In this instructable the same methods are used for every type of object you plan to make. I will show step by step techniques of how I made a craft cupboard to store my knicks knacks.

Check out my other instructables for details on how to make your own door hinges -
new tips and tricks for cardboard furniture:

So now you've figured out you basic construction. You will be surprised at the strength of your cardboard structure. This cupboard below holds up to 80kg of folders.
After 3 months its still standing!

Look for clean cardboard thrown away in electronic superstores. Large complete pieces are ideal - the size of a refrigerator or plasma tv. I clean any visible dust with hospital grade 90% alcohol. Let dry.

You will need to work out the measurements for thicknesses for each layer ON PAPER.

6-10cm is ideal space between each LAYER.

Thicker ply of cardboard is definitely going to make aa stronger cupboard or chair or table.

In one structure I used 2-ply cardboard other times 3-ply.
1 ply is all that's necessary for the shelf layers (more on this later)

When cutting the shapes of the cardboard use a simple craft knife. Slice 3-4 times over the line you've drawn without using pressure. You'll be surprised how effortless it is compared to working with WOOD.

Sharpen your knife often. I used the side of brick and its brillant.

Accuracy in MILLIMETRES is essential, or your structure may collapse. (Seriously.) NOTE THE DIRECTION of your cardboard. If you cut on the vertical GRAIN each piece will be stronger than if you cut a horizontal grain.
<p>This looks really creative and interesting indeed. I bet with creativity, you can create almost any type of furniture with just cardboard alone. However, I wonder what is the maximum weight load that it can truly withstand as most of our household necessities are quite heavy to accommodate. Nevertheless, they provide convenience as they are lightweight so you can easily move them around. Should you intend to move out, you do not need to hire furniture removals to help you move bulky furniture to storage or elsewhere.</p>
i make a cardbord furniture you can visit my blog omhend-cartonne.blogspot.com
Does anyone know how to get Eric Guiomar's DVD? vineworks.com doesn't seem to be a valid url anymore. The only thing I've really come across is a video rental for smartflix.com.
You're right, the screen goes blank! I found out Director (of Eric Guiomar's DVD and owns Vinestreetworks.com) Gregor Scheer he's a forum moderator at NewEnglandFilms.com you might be able to contact him there.
On July 3, 2011 I went to a craft museum in Los Angeles. There was an installation by an artist named Ann Weber. She had created huge &quot;forms&quot; from cardboard strips, tape and staples. The staples were obvious too. They had odd shapes, and some were &quot;grouped&quot;,(The Wedding Group, all painted white) some were painted and some unpainted. <br>I couldn't believe my eyes that someone would use cardboard for &quot;forms&quot; and consider it &quot;Art&quot;! And she had a video showing her having her &quot;forms&quot; manufactured.<br>Just goes to show you!
Interesting! thanks for the info
scusa &egrave; possibile avere il tutorial della libreria a spirale? &egrave; fantastica
Agree its fantastic! However, I tried guessing how it was made and tutorial is <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Circular-Cardboard-Shadowbox-1/"><strong>here </strong></a>and another method <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Spiral-Cardboard-Bookshelf/"><strong>here</strong></a>.&nbsp;<br> <br> <em>Est&aacute;n de acuerdo es fant&aacute;stico! Sin embargo, trat&eacute; de adivinar c&oacute;mo se hizo y el tutorial est&aacute; aqu&iacute; y aqu&iacute; otro m&eacute;todo</em><br>
scusa &egrave; possibile avere il tutorial della libreria a spirale grazie....&egrave; fantastica<br>
I really like the YinYang shelf and have followed the link a few of you have posted hoping to find directions on how to make it. The site is in French and I don't see any directions. Anyone know where I can get instructions for this?
If you have Google Chrome there is an option to translate the site to english.
I tried making it here but on a minature scale - https://www.instructables.com/id/Circular-Cardboard-Shadowbox-1/
how can get info on how the violin was made?
Maybe contact http://www.chrisgilmour.com/
this ible is the first I saw. I was searching for furniture made with cardboard.<br>It's your fault , now I am a Instructables addict .<br>:D
LOL ^ - ^ very nice of you!
Tres bon, very nice work. I've got a couple of old books around here on cardboard/corrugated construction, furniture and housing. I'll have to go through them again. I do remember them suggesting, for a very strong panel, to glue layers together with the corrugations of each layer at right angles to the last layer, like plywood.
Thanks! just noted your comment.. I'm experimenting with constructing the woodwork way, in my Mushroom Bookshelf and Circular Shadowbox. I think it works well on a small scale, (see image <strong>curves</strong> add strength to a structure) but I'm not too sure the woodwork construction method is strong on a large scale though. Perhaps external struts will strengthen a furniture piece.
Thank you so much for taking the time to show your process and beautiful product. It has been inspiring to pore over this rich variety of examples by you and other artists/craftspeople. Cardboard so lends itself to a diversity of form in large scale, its just a wonder that more people haven't been working with it.
Your welcome! Its so simple to make I thought quite a few people would be interested in crafting with it. You should put up your compilations too : )
Hi again Scriptone,<br><br>I created an instructable. Check it out through my profile, because it isn't coming up through a keyword search yet. Will have to get down to the bottom of that. Maybe you could offer some comments to get my next one up to speed with the average user? Or is it even about the average user? ppl on Instructables seem quite above-average.<br><br>&quot;Cardboard book shelves, like a carpenter&quot;
I checked your instructable out it looks great the final cupboard, nice colour too. For the people new to cardboard furniture, they might find it useful to see more photos step by step next time. Was it very strong?
Noted. Its stronger than the final photo suggests. With 20&quot; long shelves I would feel comfortable filling it with paperbacks and a few folios.
I have an Epilog laser, and recently I decided to make a doll chair, and show it to my landlady, who also happens to run a doll sales and repair shop called the &quot;Doll Doctor&quot;. Here is my first attempt, copying an Adirondak chair and reducing it 1/12. It's made of four pieces, the two sides, the seat and the back, and stands about 2 1/2 inches high.
that's a gorgeous design! should be an instructable!
Thank you very much. I'll keep that in mind.
For a 7th grade science fair project, I made a chair and bridge to get to the chair out of cardboard, inviting all to cross the bridge and have a seat. This was in 1970! My teacher gave me a D- for a grade. I was pissed! Thank you for validating my efforts. Nice stuff you have! With new inspiration from you, I may go back to drawing board after 30+ years!
Sounds to me like your teacher had some kind of problem. <br>Hand that rocks the cradle ya know.
Do you know if there is a how to on the yin yang bookshelf, that would be perfect for my bedroom!
Many people like this design, I wrote this comment below last year The uncovered cd shelf is by: http://elsaisdreaming.free.fr/meuble_spirale.php The yingyang design is by Patricia Dessoulles http://p.dess.free.fr/0_htm_fr/rubriques.php
Your welcome, there's instructions for spiral furniture in Eric's latest book, its e-book, instantly downloadable after purchasing.
your products are amazing great ideas i doing a project like these u have givin me some good ideas to start with thanks
Where to get cardboard so that you can furnish your home? We moved recently, and these two strategies gave us more boxes than we needed:<br /> <br /> 1. Call liquor stores and ask when you can pick up discarded boxes. Since the boxes have to hold fragile/heavy items, these are good choices.<br /> 2. Drive up to behind your local shopping center where the dumpsters are. Our local RiteAid had unpacked all their Valentine's day merchandise, and they had more boxes than they could fit into 2 dumpsters. I made sure the boxes were clean/dry before I took them away. <br />
What if you put cardboard in a blender than molded it like clay?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdSUSi03W2Q<br /> <br /> (This how to papier mache waterproof crafts video is one of the best I've seen straight from Kashmir.)<br />
I think that would work for modelling specific things, but I'd said it would take a while to dry etc.<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.indianmirror.com/crafts/cra5.html">Its a special craft developed in India for quite a while.</a><br/>
&nbsp;is there anywhere I can get a template or instructable for that spiral cd rack / shelf. It's so cool.
I'm pasting this link from a post below for you - you might be able to ask the Designer herself Patricia Dessoules&nbsp; - (email on her site)<br /> <br /> The uncovered cd shelf is by: <a href="http://elsaisdreaming.free.fr/meuble_spirale.php" rel="nofollow">http://elsaisdreaming.free.fr/meuble_spirale.php</a> <br /> Found it at last.<br /> <br /> The yingyang design is by Patricia Dessoulles<br /> <a href="http://p.dess.free.fr/0_htm_fr/rubriques.php" rel="nofollow">http://p.dess.free.fr/0_htm_fr/rubriques.php</a>
i would love to have the pattern for the hangers ...<br />is there one already online or what ?
Would you believe it there's an instructable on this just put up in August.&lt;br /&gt;&lt;a href=&quot;https://www.instructables.com/id/Stylish-Cardboard-Clothes-Hangers/&quot;&gt;Making Cardboard Hangers&lt;/a&gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br/>
WoW ! <a class="entryListTitle" href="/member/Scriptone/" style="padding-left: 4px; padding-right: 4px"><u><font color="#0066cc">Scriptone</font></u></a>! <br />Those are excellant !&nbsp;<br />THANKS&nbsp;!!!!&nbsp;
Here are some of the cardboard furniture I made... luv this material !
the shelf on the left is almost the exact style I had in mind for when I have a go at cardboard construction. Great piece of art.
thanks !! I kind of made it free hand, thus the curvy lines :) I'm working on another piece right now... hope to post it when it's done.
That is stunning construction and design! And your surface decoration has arty, textural feel. Did it take you long?
Thanks ! These are my first two (and the only) pieces, so they could have taken a while to make, but I was so obsessed with them, that I worked for 3 days, almost non-stop. Hope to make more soon...
I've made a design for a bookshelf I'm looking forward to making. Its similar to the red bookshelf you have in your examples. Is there any way to reinforce the cardboard so it can hold heavy loads?
If you're at the final stage, you can support weights with a L-square (out of cardboard) at each corner - but if possible before planning a construction, I would aim to use 3 - ply cardboard pieces. You might want to take a look at the corner cupboard instructable, I place many heavy tin cans on this shelf and it is more sturdy than my black 3 level cupboard, simply because of its triangular shape. Also I would use wide borders rather than thin borders makes it a stronger structure.
Alright cool. I've got to go back and make some changes now :) I used to have a cardboard couch but it got moldy in the spring...Besides the mold thing it worked very well. Cardboards definitely a medium that more people need to be exploring. Its great your sharing your knowledge with people.

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