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How to make your own cardboard telescope. 
you will need 
> cardboard
> duct tape
> 2 mirrors 1 big and 1 small
> 2 lenses 1 big and 1 small 


Gadget93 (author)2015-08-21

Sooo.....You just set them all next to each other. Then let your dog come by to sniff it and lick himself. Then wait for a spontaneous earthquake that just happens to rumble all the pieces in a useless pile.......right before you decide to head off to Wal-Mart to buy a Telescope.

Aditya M (author)2014-03-04

you should give instructions!

chris-_-r (author)2013-04-06

Great instructions

alforate (author)2011-09-07

good work thanks

Ranie-K (author)2011-08-03

It's a PERIscope.

tankbuster12 (author)2011-07-15


xavec (author)2011-07-15


This looks really interesting...but many people will find it hard to justify voting for something with no instructions. (I certainly am!) Maybe you could update with materials used, instructions and an explanation of how it works?

Good luck in the comp!

bakermiro (author)xavec2011-07-15

look again

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