Picture of Cardboard temple/shrine at home.
It was my first week at home in US. After setting up the house, we had an overwhelming supply of cardboard at our disposal. I decided to make a small temple out of the cardboard to make use of the boards and my free time. So, here it is. You could make your own church, mosque, gurudwara, a princess castle, a doll house or just about anything using cardboard boxes.

Step 1: The Plan

The first thing to do is to decide how big your temple is going to be. How big will be the walls, roof and doors? Key is to find boxes of the same height for the walls and doors. It will be really great if we use the boxes in their full size as much as possible instead of having cut them down. Its not very easy to cut hard cardboard boxes. Also, we will need soft card board for the doors and hard ones for the walls. (Preferably)

Walls - For one of the walls, I was set on the box the 32 inch slim TV came in. This box was really strong and had a wide base which meant the roof would get good support even if there were no pillars in the center to hold it. But for the other wall, I was not able to get a box of same height or length. I got a good piece that was only half the length of the TV box and it was about 1 inch shorter. So I had to pump up it up by adding thermocol padding at the bottom. You could use any other technique to eventually get walls of same height. To compensate for the length, I built a small wall with cardboard pillars and a soft card board sheet. After hours of measuring and comparison, I had marked down the boards for my walls.

In India, temples usually have tapering roofs. To imitate this,I needed boxes of decreasing size in order, but of almost same height. I found a few boxes that came to my rescue. I had to cut one, and tape 2 together. After much deliberation I was finally set on the ones that will go on the roof. The boxes for the roof must be light card board. This is because we are not building any pillars in the middle of the temple to hold a heavy roof. But in case you dont have an option, you can go for a pillar. (Try using the card board rolls that comes in gift wrappers for the pillars) . The roof had to be semi open because we had to light lamps and incense sticks inside the temple. So it was like a sun roof actually where you could take away a part of it before lighting lamps etc.

Inside the temple, I needed one box to be the platform on which the idols were to be placed. I picked one that could fit nicely in the center. I also wanted to make a small flight of stairs that went up to the platform. For this, I used the thermocol packing material. I cut them into small blocks of increasing sizes to make the stairs.

For the doors, I picked soft cardboard and cut it at the same height as the walls and broad enough to cover the temple when closed.
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Swatee8 months ago
Hi help for ur post i can also create temple through carton box
Hi,with your inspiration i also prepared one small temple at home for my god.
thanks for your idea.
bgururajan3 years ago
Thats a very nice one...Came thru your blog when i was searching for mantap for navratri. Also, just wanted to share a similar one which i did for ganesh chathurthi. You can look into that.
skumar504 years ago
what a great and inexpensive idea!! ur super creative!!
Laura_T_9925 years ago
I love it
its so cute and an awesome idea
love this kinda stuff
good work
arielart5 years ago
I LOVE this! You did a wonderful job! :-)
Rajeswari6 years ago
Hey this is awesome....
BrindaMS (author)  Rajeswari6 years ago
thnx raji :)
akilaraj6 years ago
nice work brinda, the red background brings out a good contrast!!!!!
BrindaMS (author)  akilaraj6 years ago
thnk u akiiiii!!! so glad u cud stop by! :)
ruskdeekay6 years ago
Thats amazing brinda...,its looks awesome,so all the best to you
BrindaMS (author)  ruskdeekay6 years ago
thnks rusk!!! :)
ersaruna6 years ago
amazing Brinda..u r really bindblowing!! such a creative mind..ur buk stand n ur lightin..i really liked it..my mom too!! :)
BrindaMS (author)  ersaruna6 years ago
:) thanks sweethrt! ur encouragement keeps me going
priyak6 years ago
Hey, This shrine of yours looks so blissful and divine Brinda , G8 work. Inspired by your project I just put some effort to arrange the pooja place at my home to look little better. Since its so difficult to find flowers here just decorated the idol place with gift wrapper that has flowers !!!!. You Going g8 girl ..........All the very best . When will the result be announced?
BrindaMS (author)  priyak6 years ago
thank u so much priya! results...i think mid sept..
simrand6 years ago
very creative Brinda!! Looking forward to more such stuff from you
BrindaMS (author)  simrand6 years ago
:) thnks simran!
Great Work Brinda !!
BrindaMS (author)  gulshansharma6 years ago
thnk u gullu :)
priyak6 years ago
Wow, brilliant effort. It made me to look at our worship place and improve it little more by building a small platform for the diety alone and using gift wrappers having flowers to make it look as if the place and dieties feet is filled with flowers. This hand made temple of yours is so blissful to look at even. All the best for all your future endeavours !!!
BrindaMS (author)  priyak6 years ago
thank u :)
aarthu446 years ago
luks absolutely blissful n aesthetic bindi!!!i love it!!!!!!!!!!! must appreciate ur out-of-cardboard box thinking ;) keep posting more of ur wonderful creations sweets!!!!!!!!!!!
BrindaMS (author)  aarthu446 years ago
:) thnk u da! ur encouragement means a lot!
aru3336 years ago
Good work...keep going
BrindaMS (author)  aru3336 years ago
thnx aru! :)
dani1211866 years ago
Nice one!!!
BrindaMS (author)  dani1211866 years ago
thnk u very much!
deepaksg6 years ago
This is really nice Brinda.. You rock :)
BrindaMS (author)  deepaksg6 years ago
thnx deepak :)
Suganya6 years ago
Awww, this is soooo cute! Good Luck to you...:):):)
BrindaMS (author)  Suganya6 years ago
thnk u :)
Really Awesome!!! 5 STARS :D
BrindaMS (author)  pleasesmile36 years ago
:) thnx a million!
Absolutely brilliant! Nice looking. Easy, and not very time-consuming I'd suppose... Really cool idea.. :-)
BrindaMS (author)  psgpradeep876 years ago
thnk u pradeep :)
Harryboy6 years ago
Loved the Temple. Good use of the Red Wall as background, it has really worked out for you with the contrast on the silverware and dieties. The "gopuram" looks authentic!
BrindaMS (author)  Harryboy6 years ago
Thnk u! :)
epidaetia6 years ago
Nice one..
BrindaMS (author)  epidaetia6 years ago
Thnx soan!
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