Picture of Cardboard tube shelf
Here's one of the very simple projects anyone can do with really little tools and materials. Although many of you will think this tube shape is not really practical to be a shelf, and  you wont be wrong, it's very eye catching and most certainly wont go unnoticed. It's kind of "anti-shelf" which is modular and personalized -  you can make them in pairs like I did but you can also play with assembly and composition in any way you like.  I chose bathroom and toilet, but it can be "installed" all around the house - kids room would definitely be a good choice.   

Step 1: Tools and materials

I've done the whole project without the power tools, but if you have access to bigger circular saws (table ones) you'll slice your tube faster, cleaner and more precise. Many of you will' ask where to find this cardboard tube thingy - mine came as a packaging "case" for decorative aluminium picture moldings.  - but you can use plastic water pipes or something like that. This is what you'll need:

- a really good hand saw (or electric table one)
- scalpel
- paint brush
- sand paper

- a cardboard (or plastic) tube 22 cm (or bigger) in diameter
- concrete paint
- stronger mounting glue (kit)

That's cool and all, but how does cardboard stand moisture? Is this a apecific kind of cardboard or something?

ncottrill11 year ago
What do you use to mount on the tiles?
GEEK design (author)  ncottrill11 year ago
I just hang them on the couple of screws but you can use montage glue to fix them permanently...
8bitMisfit1 year ago
lol defiant ly not in Croatia. But they are about the same, a tad smaller and a bit less durable. anyway still a great instrutable.
8bitMisfit1 year ago
That is awesome. we get those all the time at work. One question. Could you use strapping spools too?
GEEK design (author)  8bitMisfit1 year ago
tnx 4 the support...I'm not sure what you have in mind with strapping spools...If you are thinking on using some spool as a shelf than absolutely! The only problem is where to find bigger diameter, at least here in Croatia ;)
lane291 year ago
How did you hang them
GEEK design (author)  lane291 year ago
I just screwed some regular screws in space between tiles but if this would be my own apartment I would fix it with montage kit directly - this would give that true "floating" feeling...
jboseman1 year ago
Great up-cycle idea