Cardboard Upcycle Art and Design





Introduction: Cardboard Upcycle Art and Design

My 3th year students get a assessment about design. They'll have to make an upcycle design with cardboard. To show what is possible I made this instructable (a Dutch version will be made later).

A lot of people make fantastic things with simple cardboard and I've always loved this material from being a boy making play houses out of it till my years at art-school where I made my final work out of it:

On Pinterest you get a lot of inspirational boards when you search for cardboard:

The Dutch artist Filip Jonker  even made a tugboat with it and sailed it to Londen:

And of course you can find a lot of inspiration here at

Handy program/app to use is off course 123D Make. You can print out you're designs and cut it out by hand

Now for the pics:

(I'll have to finish this one tomorrow because it is late enough, but I wanted it to publish for the cardboard and duct-tape contest)



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